16 People Who Proudly Share How They’ve Changed Through the Years

2 years ago

In the years 2013-2016, about 49.1% of adults in the US tried to lose some weight, with women having larger percentages than men. Maybe it’s society’s beauty standards that keep women under a microscope and makes them feel not enough. And while not every attempt to lose weight is successful, there are people who manage to reach their personal goals.

Bright Side is here to celebrate the personal victories of these 16 people.

1. “2 years, daily walks (2.5 to 3 miles) and Weight Watchers freestyle plan — the bulk of my weight loss took 18 months.”

2. “It’s crazy how much these 100 lb have changed my life.”

3. “Exactly 2 years ago I started to take weight loss seriously and it was the best decision of my life.”

4. “80 lb lost over 1 year — had to celebrate my 1-year mark somewhere!”

5. “55 kg lost in 2 years, cardio and weight training”

6. “50 lb lost in 3 months. Halfway to my goal and already feeling much better!”

7. “Roughly 2 years’ progress, 30 lb more to go”

8. “57 lb lost in 7 months, plus a 3-month maintenance break in between.”

9. “130 lb lost in 24 months— changes were made.”

10. “(3 years) Not finished yet, just happy to make some progress.”

11. “Working on losing about 20 more lb and saving for a 360 lower body lift and medial thigh lift.”

12. “40 lb lost, a 2-year difference!”

13. “I am halfway there, down 20 pounds. Baby’s getting bigger and I’m getting smaller.”

14. “In 2020/21 I started my weight loss journey, halved my weight but never felt more me.”

15. “33 lb lost in 4 months — hit a plateau for a while at around 248-245 lb, but I finally broke through.”

16. “Little by little, day by day”

Have you ever lost a lot of weight and if yuo did, how did you manage to achieve your goal?

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