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20+ Pity Pics That Left Us Full of Compassion

Scientists suggest that when we feel compassion, our heart rate slows down. Our body then starts producing the “bonding hormone” which is responsible for caregiving, and this is why a mother rushes to comfort her crying baby rather than starts panicking and looking around for what has made the baby feel upset.

Here at Bright Side, we believe that mutual help and compassion will save the planet, and today we’ve collected 21 photos of tiny failures that made people feel sorry and smile at the same time. We’d love for you to dive into this pool of emotions together with us.

1. “Sad boy after his favorite toy, Maple the Monkey, finally fell apart.”

2. “Being 6’3” was pretty tough in Japan."

3. “My son’s reaction when he saw my dad and brother using a chainsaw to cut down one of our trees.”

4. “My friends asked me to babysit their Corgi puppies. I left them for 3 hours with some food and came back to this.”

5. “My daughter found him washed out in a gutter so we dried him off & fed him, to give him a chance.”

6. “They play tug of war and he lets her win even though he’s strong enough to win if he wants.”

7. “I think my friend’s dog has never seen so many lady dogs in his life and just got lost.”

8. “My son asked his uncle to write ‘Batman’ for him... this is why he isn’t allowed to watch my kids.”

9. “I have been buying bay leaves when there’s a bay tree outside my front door. I’ve lived here over a year.”

10. “Asked my 2-year-old niece to smile for a photo.”

11. “Wrapped my sister up like a cocoon, this was her face when she realized she couldn’t get out.”

12. “My dog’s reaction to realizing my girlfriend is driving us on our road trip.”

13. “Last week we went 2 miles. This week we pushed it to 2 and a half!”

14. “Went to the zoo yesterday. Found this guy just sitting like this, making fart noises at everyone that walked by.”

15. “My parents went out. I had to do my sister’s hair before bed.”

16. “My boss bought 50 chairs in an online auction. It wasn’t until we went to pick them up that we realized it was at an elementary school.”

17. “My friend went to Disneyland wearing the wrong shirt.”

18. “Went to a wedding this weekend. The best man lost the rings.”

19. “I went to pour myself a nice bowl of cereal and this happened.”

20. “Went to the aviary with my girlfriend, this little guy was 500% done with interference.”

21. “My wife’s first attempt at cupcakes.”

Which of the photos gave you that “Oh, poor thing, let me hug you” feeling? What’s happened in your life that made you have all the feels?

Got some cool photos or stories and want to be featured on Bright Side? Send them all right HERE and right now. Meanwhile, we’re waiting!

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