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20 Stories Proving That Thrift Stores May Hide Real Treasure

Not all new and expensive things are nice and not all cheap things are bad. And people that keep sharing their amazing thrift store finds prove this notion to be true.

We at Bright Side support the idea of conscious consumption and we want you to read the stories of some lucky people who got cool stuff for mere peanuts.

“Bless the thrift gods! This honestly shook me to my core —never worn, just my size docs for $10.”

“So, I found this at the flea market for only $20! Such sets are usually far more expensive.”

“My greatest purchase to date: $300. Do I have enough friends to fill it? No. Do my dogs treat it like a racing track? Absolutely!”

“I go to thrift stores with $20 and try to make the weirdest outfits I can. Here’s one of them.”

“Best $5 I’ve ever spent at a thrift store”

“An antique quilt I rescued from the thrift store! It was yellowed with decades of smoke but one good soak and BOOM — it’s gorgeous! I don’t know how old it is but it’s definitely handmade.”

“Picked this up at a flea market. Best. Purchase. Ever!”

“I’d all but given up on finding a cheap rug and then this beautiful $15 wool rug blessed me at the flea market.”

“Found this on a thrifting page for $20, talked to the seller, and she said she’d take $5 just to get rid of it. I’m so excited to clean it up! It’s a vintage stained glass hanging lamp, not sure of the brand.”

“30 years ago, my late great grandfather shut down his men’s clothing store. Today, I bought a suit tailored by him nearly 400 miles away in a thrift store.”

“I’m slowly collecting plates from different eras and letting guests choose their place at the table based on the plate that speaks to them. Each plate was under $5.”

“Found these awesome shoes for $1.50!”

“I have a small obsession with thrifting sweaters. Here’s my newest favorite.”

“I have genuinely never found a non-bodycon dress that hugs my body so perfectly. I was in awe and got this dress for $15 at a thrift store!”

“Got this grandma-worthy cardigan for $10 and I can’t stop wearing it!!”

“Picked these up from a thrift store for $10 a while back because we liked the set. Turns out, they’re actually authentic jade!”

“I start a new office job in 2 weeks so I’ve been thrifting for work attire, and boom! I found a $5 Calvin Klein shirt dress at the local consignment shop.”

“I decorated my entire living room for under $300, almost all of it is thrifted.”

“An early 2009 iMac for $30 — I bet someone thought it was just a monitor.”

“My husband got me this 14K bracelet for $5 from a thrift store, also featuring my favorite summer skirt I thrifted for 35 cents!”

Have you ever bought anything really nice from a thrift store?

Preview photo credit zabydunn / Reddit
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