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20 Times Nature Tried to Confuse Us and Indeed Succeeded

It is so much fun seeing how nature fools us on a daily basis. Whether it’s a kiwi-shaped gourd or trees waiting to cross the road, that part of nature is strange and hence amazing. The world is full of situations where you get confused yet, at the same time, admire what you have just seen.

Today, at Bright Side we gathered 20 examples of different illusions created by the nature that will make you say “OMG” out loud.

1. A flower that looks like a bird

2. A rock that looks like a fat-marbled piece of meat

3. This carrot, pretending to be a bird

4. One onion in the bag was secretly a red onion in disguise.

5. This... very round avocado.

6. Squirrel with a blonde tail

7. These are tiny tomatoes.

8. “Our Blue Spruce grows white instead of blue.”

9. This is a half-yellow, half-red apple.

10. A horse that has zebra stripes on its body

11. A sesame bug looks like a dancing mask.

12. The running tree

13. Trees have ears? Yes, these are Wood Ear mushrooms.

14. The water droplets on this iris make it look like a starry night sky.

15. This tree looks like a man waiting to cross the road.

16. This mushroom looks like a chocolate covered donut.

17. An orange that looks like a pumpkin

18. This rock that looks like a loaf of bread with a bite taken out of it

19. This other rock that looks like a half-eaten potato

20. This gourd looks like a kiwi bird.

Have you ever seen such confusing things? If you have pictures, please share them with us in the comments!