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20 Times People’s Expectations Were Slammed Against a Ruthless Reality

People can never predict how their life is going to be — it’s true, even science says so. That means it’s really hard to manage our expectations, especially when it looks like reality is having a go at us. So the only thing left to do is laugh at the situation.

Because of that, Bright Side compiled many moments where reality didn’t quite meet our expected standards so you can see how sometimes, even though things may not go our way, we can at least appreciate the comic irony of it.

1. “I just bought this chair and none of the reviews mentioned this.”

2. “I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this.”

3. When the hole isn’t where you expected it to be — and the coffee ends up in your lap:

4. Ah yes, white chocolate.

5. When you’re expecting a pop tart and you see this:

6. “Wanted to have a fat avocado for breakfast but didn’t expect it to be 9 months pregnant...”

7. “I paid $8 for this at the movies.”

8. “The way we advertise our Jack-o’-lantern pizzas vs the way I like to make them for customers”

9. When you try to do something nice for the dog:

10. An ergonomic dining table for the cat...

11. Empa-nada

12. Pearls of wisdom: Be cautious when ordering online.

13. “Yup. This is my wedding cake.”

14. An “extra-large” dog pool

15. “Was supposed to get 3 animated pumpkins, and today, the 3 on the right showed up.”

16. Looks slightly smaller in the seller’s pictures...

17. “The cake that we ordered vs what they made”

18. “Expected half but ended up with one whole pepperoni!”

19. That’s some really good advertising.

20. “My dream bed finally arrived.”

What about you? Do you have any disappointing stories that you’d like to share with us? Put them in the comments.

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