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22 Photos That Show Animals Have the Purest Hearts

Animals are truly genuine and amazing creatures. Their love shows no boundaries, they sacrifice themselves for us without thinking twice, and they often surprise us with gestures of love and affection out of nowhere.

We at Bright Side can’t help but feel gratitude and joy for these animals, and we’re excited to show them some love back.

1. “Ham saved my life yesterday.”

“He hurt his paw but I’m alive because of his bravery. Thank you, Ham. You are my best friend.”

2. “I told my dog my father would come over to visit in a while.”

“My dog adores my father and patiently waited until he was here.”

3. “This is Murphy. He saved my niece from a nest of wasps... ”

“ carefully licking and nipping them off without hurting her. He’s a good boy but got stung quite a few times.”

4. “A stray kitten just came up and took a nap in my lap.”

“The best moment in this whole miserable year”

5. “That’s his chicken.”

6. “My boyfriend and I got a puppy 2 weeks ago.”

“Today I left him for the first time to start college classes, and my boyfriend sent me this.”

7. “Doggo refuses to let the owner out of bed...”

“Then he proceeds to fall asleep looking after the little human.”

8. “Some of you asked to see Ziggy’s gothic girlfriend!”

“Her name is Nova. Here they are, taking a nap together...”

9. “A blind, deaf dog comforts every foster animal that comes through his home.”

10. “Mom, be gentle!!!”

“His best friend was having surgery for the first time — he was very concerned and attentive.”

11. “My new kitty, Deckard, comforting his big sister after a trip to the vet”

12. “My wife loves giraffes, so when we first started dating...”

“I took her to her first close-up experience with one. This is still one of my favorite photos of her — it was pure bliss, followed by buckets of happy tears.”

13. “My dad is blind. My dog, Kylo (9 months old), has taken a special liking to him.”

“Dad just got home from his mom’s memorial service. This is Kylo seeing him once he got back. I haven’t seen a purer love in my entire life.”

14. “Sprained my ankle and my pup is trying her doggone best to comfort me.”

15. “Trying to play hide and seek with my dog...”

“She gets just TOO EXCITED when I spot her! Lol!”

16. “This little cutie climbed up on me while I applied to adopt her.”

17. “Love you, babe.”

“Love you back, human!”

18. “I haven’t met my new neighbor yet but her dogs love me!”

19. “A picture of my boxer that captures her gentle soul better than words ever could”

20. “We found a stray kitten 3 weeks ago...”

“She has now found a home with my boyfriend’s parents. I think she’s settled in nicely. Her name is Agnes, and Thomas is hugging her and telling her she’s safe now.”

21. “Pancho and Biscuit help me relax after a 12-hour shift as a critical care cardiac RN.”

“Rescue mutts are amazing.”

22. His human writes: “This is Cariad.”

“We bottle-fed her from 2 hours old. She’s always pleased to see us...”

Has there ever been a time when your pet has done something that revealed their pure heart? Let us know in the comments!

Preview photo credit Thricey / Reddit