22 Resourceful People Who Managed to Turn Everyday Objects Into Something Extraordinary

We’re all accustomed to using products that have specific designs and basic functionality without ever considering that they could be turned into something unconventional and innovative. However, some people have managed to transform these things into something completely original, which makes us realize that we’ve yet to be surprised by many things we take for granted. This goes to show that our wit has limitless resources.

Impressed by the talent and creativity of many Internet users, Bright Side has gathered some of the most impressive and well-thought-out designs to share with you.

1. “A customer mailed this tube with a tongue depressor attached to it so as to prevent it from rolling around.”

2. “This gate allows access to horses but not vehicles.”

3. “This crack in the pavement is filled with a stained-glass cat portrait.”

4. “I ordered some sample colors for new blinds and they sent me actual tiny little blinds.”

5. “My Spanish sneakers have a map of Barcelona on the sole.”

6. “I customized my coffee table to have a pull-out gaming monitor.”

7. “The font size on my contact packaging increased with my prescription.”

8. “This house has color-coded switches: gray for fans and black for the garbage disposal.”

9. Say goodbye to spice containers with these magnetic jars.

10. “At work, we have bags of pure Oreo cream.”

11. “This sorbet uses fruit rinds as cups.”

12. “My plastic wrap just told me to add it to my grocery list!”

13. “The middle snap on my baby’s onesie is a different color to help align the buttons.”

14. “Got tired of fighting with the dip so I designed a bowl with an inward fold.”

15. “A Rubik’s Cube for the blind”

16. “My new toaster has an ‘a bit more’ button.”

17. “This painting in my school library is painted on the wall, but it’s still framed.”

18. Who wants a normal stapler when you can use this crocodile instead?!

19. This person was able to turn a simple lamp into a cool “rocket light.”

20. These bollards outside a school in London are pencil-shaped. Very original!

21. “This ‘tower’ stands up with the help of tension.”

22. “A clever way to encourage good aim”

Have you ever come across anything that was so original, you just wanted to take it home? Share some pictures or the story behind those “strange” and irresistible objects with us.

Preview photo credit Blencathra / Reddit, Emojipedia
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