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23 People Who Are Probably the Luckiest Guys Ever

There are people who are probably the luckiest people in the world. Their car keys don’t fall in the drain if they drop them, birds help them not to get a ticket for exceeding the speed limit, and they discover treasures right under their feet. Let’s have a look at photos showing amazing luck.

Bright Side is sure that there are people whose wheel of fortune always turns in their favor.

A bird heroically saving someone from a fine

He found a chunk of quartz worth $4 million.

“I received this mountain of 360 Snickers for free due to a coupon glitch.”

My car keys almost fell in a drain.

“Played a game at a checkout and got a 100% discount.”

This screw has found the most suitable spot in this tire.

It was the perfect moment to slow down.

These friends didn’t change their tickets for a delayed flight and traveled on board an empty aircraft. They were allowed to sit in first class seats and take a picture in the cockpit.

The best start of the day

Good luck be like:

An avocado with a tiny pit

When lucky guys park their cars:

“Found a pepper inside a pepper.”

Morning jackpot

3 pizzas in a pack of 2 pizzas

“Just won the watermelon lottery.”

“Got a soda out of a vending machine and there is a quarter taped to the top.”

“I found 5 peanuts in a shell.”

“I went to a cafe last night when they were closing. They asked if I wanted extra bacon cause they were going to throw it out. I didn’t expect this.”

Multiple strawberries fused into one. The best jackpot ever!

That feeling when you realize it’s finally your day.

When the movie theater is all yours:

“My brother’s reaction after winning the 1,000 ticket jackpot at the local arcade.”

Have you ever been as lucky as these people? Share your stories with us!

Preview photo credit DiceELITE / reddit
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