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24 People Showed Pictures of Their Grandparents Who Could Have Been Real Hollywood Stars

Some people on the internet have just discovered how good looking their grandparents were back in the day and we’re glad that they shared. The grannies here look like cover girls and well, one of them actually was, back in her day. Moreover, there are grandpas who were complete stunners, even while running away from the war. These gorgeous lookers from the past might give you some style inspiration too, like you’ve stumbled upon them in a magazine!

As Bright Side, we’ve created the perfect album of old photos of grandparents from all over the world. They might be strangers of online world right now, but by the end of our article, you’ll feel like you know them from some unknown old movie.

1. A grandma who would rock Instagram if she were 26 now

2. Another grandma, looking like she’s in a romantic movie

3. These grandparents, who could be the perfect duo in a detective series

4. About to turn 80 and incredibly gorgeous at the age of 16

5. Still noted for her blonde beauty

6. A stylish grandmother from the ’50s who radiates star quality

7. A grandpa who used to be a marine, and a stunner, in the ’50s

8. Another marine grandpa with a charming smile and hairdo

9. Looking flawless while caught off-guard on camera

10. The timeless combination of a beautiful face, a beautiful body, and style from head to toe

11. Escaping from the war looking this good in the ’40s

12. A grandfather who probably used to hear “Hi” a lot from the girls in his high school

13. Rocking a full beard and hair combo, before it was cool

14. Striking a poster-worthy honeymoon pose

15. Wearing some superb eye makeup way before tutorial videos

16. Those eyes, piercing through sepia to melt your heart!

17. A beauty who can be imagined in another gown with an Oscar statue in her hands

18. A likely James Bond candidate in a parallel world in the ’50s

19. A granny who used to be an actual cover girl, looking fabulous

20. A grandpa who could’ve had millions of fans just by looking exactly like this on the big screen

21. A gorgeous smile, on a handsome face, with not just one, but 2 dimples

22. A ’70s bride in her traditional costume, resembling a Disney princess

23. This grandma who was a dazzling nurse serving in the war

24. Flowing glorious hair combined with a great figure in the ’70s

We hope you get inspired to have another look at the albums you have at home to see if you have any genetic treasures like these! Share yours with us on social media, tag Bright Side (@brightside on Facebook or @brightgram on Instagram), and help vintage glamour stay young.

Preview photo credit Willhardt_Foolhardy / Reddit