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24 Photos Showing How This Polar Vortex Has No Mercy

We all get excited when the forecast predicts some snowfall in our area. We actually look forward to it. However, in some cases, a little snowfall can turn into a huge disaster and our expectations turn into a nightmarish reality. In this instance, we're talking about the infamous Polar Vortex which took place on January 30th, 2019 in some areas of the US and left an enormous amount of disaster in almost everyone's home.

Here at Bright Side, we gathered some pictures that portray how freezing this Polar Vortex was.

1. “My neighbor’s house was encased in ice after the recent blizzard in Ohio.”

2. “The toilet froze and busted.”

3. “The rain froze as it hit my car roof.”

4. The way this Polar Vortex froze the inside of the toilet:

5. “After 2 days of freezing rain, this mold came off of the car tire.”

6. “The frost on my inside door hinges here in Iowa”

7. “We turned on the rear defroster and the glass shattered.”

8. “It’s so cold in Minnesota that my entire window froze over from the inside!”

9. “My neighbor’s furnace exhaust is creating an interesting icicle.”

10. “A flash-frozen fire hydrant”

11. “The Bryant Park fountain froze.”

12. This fire door is now an ice door.

13. “The outlet in our dining room froze.”

14. The rain froze on this car while it was being driven and it looks like an ice pool.

15. “It is −29 in Rochester and the windows are freezing from the inside.”

16. The Polar Vortex wants in.

17. A snow mountain knocking on someone’s door

18. “Frozen trees in Chicago today”

19. It was not the best idea to have lunch out on the patio in Chicago during this Polar Vortex!

20. “The way the ice froze to the fence — looks like snow bees were here.”

21. “The way my water bottle froze in the car”

22. A beautiful snowy spider web

23. “The ‘Ice House’ along Lake Ontario in West Webster, NY”

24. An ice storm in Tennessee

Have you encountered any similar freezing conditions during the Polar Vortex? Please share your experience and pictures in the comments below!

Preview photo credit John Kucko Digital / Facebook
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