25+ Clever Bathroom Signs That Show Their Owners’ Creativity (Warning: You May Want to See Them With Your Own Eyes)

Visiting the public bathroom isn’t necessarily everyone’s cup of tea — in fact, we can guarantee that all of us hate it. However, encountering a funny bathroom sign on your way in is always appreciated especially when it puts a smile on your face. Have you ever seen any bathroom signs referencing Batman or Wonderwoman? Or that feature the Android logo? How about misleading ones that cause us to accidentally enter the wrong bathroom?

In this collection, we have it all. Here at Bright Side, we’ve found the funniest bathroom signs that were posted on the Internet and wanted to share them with all of you.

1. The single occupancy restroom sign

2. In the reception of an IT company: the most relatable sign

3. Pacman and Pacwoman showing you the way

4. The bathroom signs at the Googleplex

5. This was found in Pittsburgh:

6. The most confusing bathroom sign...here’s a hint: the women’s bathroom is on the right.

7. The shadow bathroom sign

8. The Legoland bathroom sign

9. The bathroom sign that doesn’t care

10. The “whatever you are” sign that just wants you to wash your hands

11. This bathroom sign that makes a huge statement about the 2 genders

12. The most accurate bathroom sign for a bar

13. The storm cloud bathroom sign

14. The beer bottle bathroom sign

15. The bathroom sign for all “Batmen” and “Wonderwomen”

16. The bathroom sign at a chicken restaurant

17. This intergalactic bathroom sign at the science museum

18. Everyone knows that all female pizzas have arms and that male pizzas don’t. It’s common sense, right?

19. The donut shop bathroom sign

20. This is so Irish it hurts... the brain

21. The bathroom sign that shows female curves instead of dresses

22. This bathroom sign at a bar

23. “Popeyes” & “Olivas” bathroom signs

24. This pizzaria’s bathroom sign

25. The alien bathroom sign at an aviation museum

26. The smartest bathroom sign that references biology and the sex-determination system

27. The most minimalistic bathroom signs ever

28. And the winner of all the bathroom signs:

Which of these bathroom signs were your favorites? Have you ever come across any unusual bathroom signs that impressed you or that you found funny? Please let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to share this with your family and friends to make them smile.

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