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25 Pictures That Are a Real Treat for True Perfectionists

Anyone who has never felt the need to tidy up a shelf upon seeing something disorganized should cast the first stone — and we bet that no one dared to. If you’re amazed by perfection too often, you just might be a perfectionist. But don’t worry, we all like to see everything arranged by color, size, and type from time to time, right?

And that’s exactly why we thought we’d make your day even more perfect with this small compilation that Bright Side put together especially for you. You’ll see some of the most perfect and oddly satisfying things we found out there on the Internet.

1. “This water bottle display”

2. “An oddly satisfying squash”

3. “This wrapping paper is so perfectly folded that I think I’m going to cry.”

4. “I don’t think I’d dare scramble these eggs, even if that means I can’t have pancakes today.”

5. The best way to start a diet: not wanting to eat the pizza because it looks too nice!

6. “Crayons I saw in a restaurant”

7. “Green onion gradient”

8. “I’d rather be cold this winter than mess this up.”

9. “The box fits perfectly in the other box!”

10. “I’m joining the military soon, and I felt compelled to organize my stuff after their first wash.”

11. “The way these apples are stacked at my local grocery store”

12. “Sunny afternoon in the shade”

13. “The way these fit and stack”

14. “Was almost halfway done when I realized my olives were tightly and neatly stacked in this jar.”

15. Look at how the color of this plant changes gradually.

16. So smoothly hedged

17. What an amazing surprise for breakfast!

18. The perfect way to stack clothes in the washing machine

19. A perfect cycle: from flower to fruit

20. Think of something you would love to stare at for hours and hours...


21. “The sky as the sun set today in Northern Colorado”

22. “My daughter’s aligned colored pencils create the perfect bar chart of descending use.”

23. “Are these lemon bars perfect or what?”

24. “The way the water beads stack up the wall”

25. “This pile of books became this bookshelf today.”

Did you enjoy seeing so much perfection in a single picture? Have you ever taken pictures like these? Don’t hesitate to share them with us, we’d love to see your perfectionist side!

Preview photo credit arintj/Reddit
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