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30+ Pics That Needed Captions for Us to Understand Them

Visual information plays a huge role in our everyday life. And it’s no wonder: we understand these far better than we do text. But sometimes, nature itself can create a design that may look like something different. A mere change of perspective can create an impression as if we suddenly found ourselves on another planet when, in reality, there’s always a simple explanation for every little thing in this world.

We at Bright Side have selected the most fascinating wonders from different parts of the world. And thank goodness these photos were provided with commentary.

1. “This is what fresh nutmeg looks like.”

2. “Pomelo seeds look like zombie teeth.”

3. "A vein finder we use in the hospital

4. “I enhanced the color to show what I saw in a helicopter.”

5. “What happens when Christmas lights are wrapped around a young tree for 7 years”

6. One of the oddest mushrooms in the world

7. “The rain clearly reveals the trails left by snails on my patio doors.”

8. “I accidentally cut into an avocado seed. Here is the shell.”

9. “A bird hit my window and left its imprint.”

10. “A guy was blowing bubbles in a mall parking lot.”

11. The scar on this horse’s eye looks like a distant nebula in the far reaches of space.

12. “My shadow, but made of frost”

13. “An icy leaf print left on my windshield this morning”

14. “This really old chapstick grew crystals.”

15. “This fungus growing out of this pole looks like the marbling of wagyu steak.”

16. “A few bananas under UV light”

17. “The way this egg dried in strips at the bottom of my bowl”

18. This is what a cactus skeleton looks like.

19. Looks like the antenna of a spiny lobster.

20. “My daughter dropped her crayon, and it landed like this.”

21. “This sunlight reflection looks like a fish.”

22. “This bug that somewhat resembles a snowman”

23. “Found a tree root while hiking today that resembles a giant squid.”

24. A pot of water boiling on the stove

25. “This plastic plate I accidentally melted in the oven”

26. “The light reflected in the window made it look like my bathroom was outside.”

27. “I’m getting alien vibes in this lobby.”

28. “This mushroom that looks like a frog”

29. “This is what a mango seed looks like.”

30. Zombie moss

31. It’s not an apple. It’s a dogwood fruit. Some say it tastes like strawberry and banana. Others say it’s just like mango.

Have you ever found anything suspiciously curious? Something that could puzzle literally anyone? Please share your photos in the comments below.

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