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33 Photos Proving That the Right Moment Is Essential for a Good Picture

A photographer has to take thousands of shots before capturing the right one. Alan McFadyen is a great example of this: It took him 6 years to get the ideal photo of a Kingfisher! And it’s extremely difficult to catch unique moments like somebody accidentally falling into a swimming pool. As a rule, shots like this are obtained by accident. And when you capture a rare photo like this, it will surpass even the highest expectations!

Bright Side has collected 33 photos that were taken at the right place at the right time.

33. “Mission Impossible: Where is my bone?”

32. Snow-kid

31. This photo definitely won’t make it to her photo album...

30. When a rainbow meets lightning:

29. Steam jellyfish

28. This is how PUMA created its logo, right?

27. Shiva and basketball make an ideal couple.

26. Mickey Mouse will never be the same...

25. This driver is a good boy.

24. Party at the water hole!

23. “Hey, it’s mine!”

22. “Just let me kiss you.”

21. “Oops, it’s going to be harder this way...”

20. " ’Don’t feed the seagulls,’ they said."

19. Marriage and a hangover all in 1 shot!

18. “Hold me while I hold her.”

17. Family portrait

16. “Yippy! A morning photo break!”

15. “She will.”

14. Poor waiter...

13. “Girl, run!”

12. How to prepare dinner right on the stairs:

11. “Dude, what are you doing?”

10. Chewbacca, is that you?

9. “My mane is better than yours.”

8. Dog kiss

7. “Coffee, bow-wow!”

6. “Daddy, save yourself!”

5. Beer-played!

4. We wonder what happened next...

3. A sofa for transformations

2. The perfect green haircut!

1. Surfer be like:

What photo surprised you the most? Tell us in the comments!

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