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A Survey Reveals That We Should Stop Wearing Jeans at a Certain Age, and It’s Raised a Lot of Debate

Jeans are one of the most popular and multi-purpose clothing items. They come in a variety of colors, styles, and shapes. But according to a survey, all of this can be forgotten when you reach a certain age. No, we are not joking. It turns out that jeans have an expiration date and it has something to do with your age.

We at Bright Side were so surprised that someday we might have to give up our jeans. Or maybe we won’t... Let’s figure it out.

The survey was conducted by the British service CollectPlus, which surveyed 2,000 people. They evaluated the habits of wearing jeans and the process of finding the perfect pair. In addition to the age limit, they found out some other interesting facts.

Women spend twice as long choosing the perfect pair of jeans as men do. Namely, 8.5 days for women versus 4 days for men. That being said, we all try on the same number of pairs to find that perfect fit: 3 pairs of jeans is a necessary minimum to try on for most people. In some cases, this number might reach 6 pairs or more.

Also, a pair of jeans are more expensive than they seem. This means that there is an additional £32.92 (about $43) that people spend on hidden costs (parking, trips from one store to another, packaging). 3 out of 10 people have already given up on finding the perfect pair while 24% of respondents have never found one. In addition, 6% of people even burst out sobbing from the stress while searching.

And those who were lucky enough to find the perfect pair of jeans, buy a new one only after 3 years, or even 5 years. At the same time, people are ready to wear them anywhere, even to a wedding.

All of the factors described above complicate our choice of jeans. So the age limit is not about how you look in the denim, but it’s more about the process of finding the perfect pair. And the survey claims that at 53 years old, it’s better stop to wearing jeans.

Are you thinking why so early? We have a surprise for you. Another survey says it’s better for women to abandon skinny jeans at 47 years old. By the way, this is also the age you should stop using Twitter, but that’s another story.

Summing everything up, we believe that only you can (and should) decide when you want to stop wearing jeans. If at 60, 70, or 80 you are ready to spend time and energy searching for the perfect pair, then who would forbid you to do this? Just enjoy your look.

How much time do you spend choosing jeans? Until what age do you plan on keeping denim in your wardrobe? Let’s discuss the “right” age for wearing jeans in the comments.

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