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Reddit Users Are Mixing Animals in Photoshop, and We Can’t Wait to See How Far They’ve Gone

Photoshop is an endless fountain of creativity if you know how to use it right. Some Reddit users go farther than just editing their photos with this app, and they use Photoshop to create their own world inhabited with whimsy and unbelievable creatures. A bumblecat, a felinguin, a dogutan, and a manaphant — here are just a few of them, and if your mind explodes when you try to imagine these fantastic animals, read our article till the end, and you’ll see them all.

Here at Bright Side we looked around Reddit in search of the most surprising Photoshop “breeds” and here’s our list:

Bumblecats: We believe the world needs for them to be real.

This Samoyird goes “Woof” instead of “Tweet.”

A turtle lady bug

This manaphant looks so real, it’s hard to believe it doesn’t exist.

“I attempted to combine pictures of a dog and a bunny, but just ended up with a huge bunny.”

Some birds have super-long tongues though...

Hamsters have never looked this dangerous before.

Orangudog or dogutan?

This cutie could be called a “Felinguin.”

Bears look much less frightening with owl faces.

This bird looks nice with a nose instead of a beak.

A zelephant in the rays of the setting sun

Horses always look gorgeous in the water.

And here’s one more version of a doggo bird.

Mother catgaroo with her little baby

If monkeys lived under water, they would probably look like this.

Grumpchilla is watching you.

Butterwhales look fabulous with their transparent tails.

Which of these imaginary animals amused you the most? Would you like for any of them to exist in real life? Let’s discuss these quirky Photoshop breeds in the comments!

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