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Wasting Time Turns Out to Be a Useful Trait, Studies Say

The vast majority of people would like to add an additional hour to their day, a survey shows. However, they may spend it, as well as 60% of all their time, on work. Little do they know that working too much could have the opposite effect on their performance, while more free time is what they really need.

We at Bright Side found some interesting studies that prove wasting time has real benefits for us.

It boosts your mood.

Doing different casual leisure activities is indeed enjoyable, but, according to the research, it also increases your sense of happiness at that moment. That’s why it is really important to spend some of your time during the day just relaxing with a book or watching TV, without thinking that you could use that time for something more useful.

It gives you energy.

One of the nicest ways to spend free time is to enjoy it in nature. You may notice that you feel much better afterward, and this has an interesting explanation. Studies have found that time spent in nature, when you’re just enjoying yourself, not thinking about any productivity-related things, not doing any physical activity, and not communicating with anyone, makes you feel alive and increases your sense of vitality.

It prevents burnout.

If you can’t get distracted from your job, even during your free time, it will inevitably bring you to exhaustion over time. On the other hand, activities that give you pleasure and have nothing to do with your job will solve this issue and help you feel more relaxed, as a study suggests. After that, you can do your job even better and with more pleasure.

It allows your brain to rest.

Rest has a very important effect on our cognitive abilities, as studies show. When we are having some down time, it gives us an opportunity to reflect on our actions and then function better. Always make sure to set aside more time for activities that will help you to rest: your brain really needs it.

It reminds you of your goals.

When we are always busy with different tasks, we don’t even have time to pause and reflect on our lives, to understand what we actually want. But, as a study finds, having free time that you can use to do things you really like and not just things you have to do, will boost your motivation and make you think more about your own goals.

What helps you to distract yourself from work and enjoy life?

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