What Moles on 7 Places of Your Body Reveal About Your Personality

Most skin moles develop by the age of 30 and according to Chinese astrology, they can have lots of different meanings depending on their location. For example, a mole on the nose means you’re very hard-working, while a mole on the cheek represents honesty. Whatever mole you have, you best believe it has a meaning.

The Bright Side team is putting a magnifying glass on 7 different mole locations to explain the meaning behind them. However, kindly keep in mind that this article is written for entertainment purposes only.

1. Mole on the forehead

Forehead moles are considered a sign of prosperity. But depending on its exact position, it can have additional meanings.

  • A mole on the left side of the forehead might mean you have some unfortunate lack of luck, and that sometimes you may have to work a bit harder to get what you desire.
  • If you have a mole on the middle of your forehead though, it stands for wisdom and a greater chance of a successful marriage.
  • Moles on the right side point to you having the ability to be a great companion, whether it’s in business or marriage.

2. Mole on the cheek

If you have a mole on the cheek it means you’re honest, sensitive, and sometimes shy. But, when the situation requires it, you turn into a fearless leader. More meanings depending on its location are:

  • A mole on the left cheek means you can sometimes come off as arrogant, due to your introverted nature.
  • As for the right cheek — you’re incredibly caring and put family above everything else.

3. Mole near the lips

This particular mole is a sign of charm and elegance. Whether it’s on the right or left upper lip corners, you aspire to live life to the fullest. Spending time with friends and traveling are two of your favorite hobbies. Also, a mole on the lower lip indicates your kids have a greater chance of being highly successful at whatever they decide to do in life.

4. Mole on the nose

Nose moles represent self-respect and that you’re a very hard-working individual. Even though sometimes others may think you have a big ego, you are considered a great friend.

  • Having a mole on the tip of the nose often means that even though you can relax easily, you’re short-tempered. Also, you sometimes regret saying things before thinking them through.
  • A mole on the right side of your nose stands for a great deal of passion and the need to form a closer connection to others.
  • As for the left side — it may point to some struggles during your life, but most importantly, knowing that you will always come out on top.

5. Mole on the feet

Feet moles are a sign you enjoy traveling. It’s also a sign you are recognized for your good actions. If the mole is located on the right foot, it implies you have a great family life. A mole on the left foot, however, can mean some financial problems might appear.

6. Mole on the shoulder

If you or anyone you know has a mole on the shoulder, that means they are a great problem-solver and a truly responsible person that can handle anything that life throws at them. While you enjoy helping everyone around you, be careful to not let others take advantage of you. And remember to put yourself first.

7. Mole on the chin

And finally, moles on the chin. These moles indicate that you’re determined and caring. You may also be a bit stubborn sometimes. The location is also important — moles on the right side mean you always follow logical thinking. As for the left side, they represent a person who is straightforward and not afraid to speak their mind.

Do you have any of these moles? In your personal case, how accurate are these descriptions?

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