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Why Having a Cool Aunt Matters So Much for a Child

If you think about the people who love you unconditionally, your aunt will certainly be at the top of this list. She is the one who remembers the name of your kindergarten crush, who is always ready to share her wisdom, but isn’t ashamed to get a little goofy sometimes. Aunties make an effort to spend quality time with their nieces and nephews and become their true best friends, who know how to encourage their dreams and still have fun.

We at Bright Side truly believe that your aunt is a person who will go above and beyond for you and will always be your partner in crime. Having a cool aunt is a blessing and we’re here to prove it.

She introduces you to grownup things.

When you’re growing up and acting like an adult, trying different things may be tempting, but you need a good guide to help you navigate through this new experience. For example, your aunt may be the one who will help you avoid fashion mistakes and give you your first lipstick that looks gorgeous on you. Going shopping together or talking about adult topics helps you adapt and get some reliable inside knowledge from a person with a lot of experience.

You always turn to her when it comes to sensitive issues.

When certain things bother you, but you feel too uncomfortable to discuss them with your mom, it’s time for your aunt to come into play. No matter if it’s a boy problem, a bad grade, or a conflict with mean girls at school, your cool aunt is always there to give you a hand without any judgment. You know she won’t freak out, no matter what you did, and will help you solve your problem without creating any drama.

She’s your role model.

We all need someone to look up to and your aunt may be just the person for the job. She’s a responsible adult, with a successful career, but she didn’t lose her charisma and is always up for an adventure. She understands the importance of discovering a true passion, knows how to enjoy life, and is eager to teach you how to do the same.

She spoils you sometimes.

Your aunt knows how to make you feel special. Although she treats you as an adult, she still sees the little girl inside of you who needs to be spoiled from time to time. She always buys you presents or takes you to nice places to show you how much she loves you. And you know she would do anything to see a smile on your face.

She helps you navigate through teenage drama.

Your aunt can help you go through your rebellious phase, when your hormones are driving you crazy and causing enormous mood swings. She understands that you just need to prove your independence and break some rules to explore your true self. And she is willing to be by your side during this journey. She’ll encourage your free spirit, but will still keep an eye on you in case something goes wrong.

You know you can trust her.

Your aunt has known you since the day you were born and has been with you all your life. She calmed you down when you lost your favorite toy and wiped your tears when the boy you fell in love with in kindergarten chose another girl. You know she’s your best friend and you can confide in her. She won’t judge you and will always be there to cheer you up.

She helps smooth things over with your parents.

Your aunt knows you and your parents pretty well, so she’s always ready to give you a hand when you need some help with your relationship. She doesn’t indulge you, but helps you to see some things from the perspective of an adult and proves that your parents aren’t monsters who never let you go to parties. She acts as a mediator who deeply cares and helps both parties find a healthy compromise.

She knows how to rock.

Your aunt is the funniest and the most adventurous person you know. She can even make an ordinary grocery shopping trip feel like a small adventure and her sarcastic remarks make you burst with laughter all the time. She values experiences over gifts and seizes every moment she gets to spend with you.

Do you think your aunt is your best friend? Do you 2 share any stories or inside jokes that show your special bond? We’d love to read them in the comments!

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