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Why People Still Need More Movies About Princess Diana

Over the past 2 decades, we’ve seen dozens of movies and shows about Princess Diana, including The Crown and Spencer which are watched and discussed by many right now. While some people think that movie makers’ obsession with Diana has gone too far, others can’t get enough of her image onscreen and want more shows telling the story of their beloved princess.

We at Bright Side took a closer look at the phenomenon of Princess Diana’s onscreen image and tried to find out why her story is still so captivating for millions of people.

Diana’s story resonates with many women.

After Diana became part of the royal family, she went through many tough moments, including the breakdown of her marriage and postpartum depression. These struggles hit her hard, but she was strong enough to battle them and support hundreds of other people facing life challenges. Thanks to her kindness and sincerity, Diana let us see an openhearted and vulnerable person behind the Princess of Wales. Many people found the strength to go through challenges in their life because they saw how Lady Di did it, and she helped many of us live through hard times.

Her story started like a fairytale, and it still captivates us decades later.

Royal weddings charm many of us, especially when the bride that enters the royal family is a modest young woman, like Diana. Marrying a prince is the typical happy ending of many of the fairytales that we used to read in childhood, and when a real girl happens to marry a real prince it looks like a dream come true. The public enjoyed every detail of the day of Diana and Charles’s wedding in 1981.

It’s estimated that around 750 million people watched the royal wedding that day, glued to their screens. Modern movies and TV shows inspired by Diana’s story let us live through those fascinating moments, again and again, letting us see new and exciting details.

It’s hard to portray her onscreen, and we like to compare: “Who did it better?”

Princess Diana left us not very long ago, and many people still remember her image very well. Some can remember the day they watched her wedding to Charles on their TVs, others remember what they were doing when they learned about Diana’s tragic death. We’ve seen hundreds of her photos and dozens of her interviews, and it seems like we know every look, every smile, and every gesture of our beloved princess.

From Serena Scott Thomas and Naomi Watts to Emma Corrin and Kristen Stewart, many actresses have portrayed Diana on screen. With every new film or series, we start drawing comparisons, and it’s simply inevitable. We try to decide where the actresses playing her manage to grasp her gestures and posture or her looks and intonations perfectly. Creating movies about Diana must be a challenging job for everyone from directors to makeup artists because people will discuss and compare.

We want to hear her real voice.

Princess Diana was one of the most photographed people in the world and she was the center of public attention ever since she entered the royal family. But what we know about her great personality mostly comes from other people. Those are thousands of images shot by the paparazzi, dozens of books written by biographers, and numerous memoirs from bodyguards, butlers, and other people who surrounded the Princess of Wales.

Dramas based on Diana’s story let us see the events from her perspective, think about what she might have thought, and feel what she might have felt. It’s like traveling through time and seeing the People’s Princess as if she’d never left us, and we are ready to surrender to those sweet illusions over and over again.

Have you watched movies or TV shows about Princess Diana? What do you think about them?

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