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10+ Curious Questions We’d Like to Ask the Creators of Fantastic Beasts

The movie series about fantastic beasts are prequels to the Harry Potter movies. Of course, it would be great if fans of the Harry Potter universe loved the new films in the familiar franchise. But many people didn’t understand some storylines and facts that contradict the original movies and books.

We at Bright Side also have our doubts about the logic of some of Newt Scamander’s adventures. And in the bonus, you will find a classic editing mistake we found.

1. Is Dumbledore a transfiguration or a defense against the dark arts teacher?

After the release of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, Harry Potter fans were confused. In the trailer, they saw young Dumbledore teach Newt Scamander a defense against the dark arts teacher. But according to the original books, the future Hogwarts headmaster was a transfiguration professor. Was he just a replacement for another teacher that day?

2. What’s going on with the protection of Hogwarts?

And here is the second mistake the movie creators made. From the Harry Potter books, we know that you can’t disapparate from or to the Hogwarts’ grounds. This is done to protect the students. But in Fantastic Beasts, this rule was ignored: anyone who wants just apparates in front of the gate.

3. So, how old is Minerva McGonagall?

Harry Potter fans were shocked to see Minerva McGonagall in the second part of Fantastic Beasts. They calculated that according to the original books, she was born in 1935. But the film was set in 1927 and she was already a Hogwarts professor. How is this even possible?

4. Why does Dumbledore ask Newt for help instead of experienced Aurors?

Why doesn’t Dumbledore ask the Ministry of Magic or professional Aurors for help? They are supposed to be interested in catching Grindewald. Instead, he asks a simple animal expert to help with a very dangerous wizard.

5. Who let fantastic beasts walk around the city?

Do you remember that the Harry Potter books and movies noted many times that the wizarding world wasn’t supposed to be seen by muggles? Well, this is totally different in Fantastic Beasts. In the first movie, they at least tried to hide from muggles but in the second film, they apparated and did magic right in front of them.

On top of that, all sorts of magical creatures just walk around the city. In Paris, they even work at a circus and everyone is okay with that.

6. Why does Queenie charm Jacob?

Jacob was already fascinated by her. He would fall in love with her again anyway.

More than that, Queenie lets Newt into her place and he realizes that Jacob was bewitched. Did Queenie not know that Newt would try and cancel the spell?

7. Why does Queenie leave with Grindelwald?

Doesn’t she feel how evil he is? We remember that Queenie is a Legilimens and can easily read anyone’s thoughts. But she makes a mistake with Grindelwald.

8. So how many Dumbledores were there?

At the end of the second Fantastic Beasts movie, we found out that Credence was actually Aurelius and he was a brother of Albus.

And this confuses Harry Potter fans again: how is it possible that Albus never mentioned another brother? The viewers even calculated that Credence was born not earlier than in 1908. But Albus’ father died in 1890, and their mother died in 1899. So, how could Credence be their son?

9. Why don’t characters from Fantastic Beasts do magic the same way Harry Potter characters did?

Think about how Harry, his friends, and Hogwarts’ professors do magic. They actually say the spells. Even Voldemort says them.

But for some reason, the characters of Fantastic Beasts do magic silently. Few of them utter the spells.

10. What was the real path of the Elder Wand?

We learned about this famous wand from Harry Potter films and movies. It was originally in Dumbledore’s hands, then it changed owners several times, and ended up being destroyed by Harry. We also learned that this Death Hallow is loyal to its owner but it can change its owner if they defeat the previous one.

But why did the wand not recognize Tina? At the end of the first film, she arrested Grindelwald. But in the second film, he used the wand freely.

11. Why was Newt allowed to do magic?

You probably remember that Hagrid appeared in public with an umbrella where he hid his wand. Later, we found out that Hagrid was expelled from Hogwarts and prohibited from using magic ever again.

But Newt did magic openly even though he was also expelled from school. Why was his case an exception?

12. What’s going on with Gridelwald’s eyes?

In one of his interviews, Johnny Depp explained why the character he portrayed had different eyes, “I saw Grindelwald as more than one if you know what I mean. I almost felt like he’s maybe 2 people. He’s twins in one body.” This is why the young Grindelwald that we see in Harry Potter had ordinary brown eyes.

But Michael Byrne, who portrayed the old Grindelwald had grey eyes. Both of them.

Bonus: Classic editing blooper

Just look at what the biscuits in Jacob’s case do when he demonstrates them to a bank worker. When shown from different angles, they appear to be lying differently.

Are you looking forward to the next part of Fantastic Beasts? Or do you think there’s nothing better than Harry Potter?

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