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20+ Popular Movie Clichés That Anger Movie Fans Across the World

Of course, we all understand that movies don’t have to be too meticulous about showing details like washing hands or going to the supermarket, because the plot could suffer by being too realistic. However, sometimes movie creators forget about reality so much that it makes even the most understanding viewers mad.

We at Bright Side decided to find out which unrealistic things in movies really annoy people.

  • It’s really funny when they put glasses on a hot girl and then portray her as some undateable outcast that every character avoids like the plague until some handsome generous guy in a varsity jacket decides to take her on as a charity case. © Sean Kernan / Quora
  • When there is a big secret everyone knows except the main protagonist and nobody says a word to them. They just look at him and say something along the lines of, “When it’s time, you’ll understand.” Or something happens and nobody has time to explain, they just have to act. However, the character would actually be able to make better decisions if they had all the information. © Buterbrodic / AdMe
  • Playboy-falling-in-love. You know, the chronic womanizer or the typical foxy bad-boy. One fine day, he sees “the one...” and soon after, he magically starts questioning his lifestyle. © Sreyoshi Saha / Quora

  • I’m really annoyed by the scenes where a guy takes off his glasses and immediately becomes super-cool. Usually, it’s epic and it’s in front of the mirror. And then, the entire film, he doesn’t wear glasses. He has no contact lenses, no superpowers, and now no glasses. How do you even see anything now? Why did you wear glasses in the first place? © Olexandra Savchenko / AdMe
  • There is always a father who has no time for his kids. At some point in the movie, he will promise to make it to his son or daughter’s play/dance recital, but will end up missing it. © Chris Williams / Quora
  • I hate it when mothers make a breakfast with 20 different plates that look as if they were made by a French chef, the family sits down at the table, eats one spoonful, gets up, and leaves. Or doesn’t even sit at the table at all. © Fuse00 / Pikabu
  • When a person that is running away from a car runs directly in front of it and doesn’t try to turn into an alleyway, into a building, or somewhere else. © eclate / Pikabu
  • Every car chase must include a collision with some sort of food product, preferably fruits and vegetables. Every grocery bag contains at least one loaf of French bread. Every elevator has a door in the ceiling that is easily accessible. There is always a parking spot directly in front of the building you are visiting. In any martial arts fight, the bad guys will always attack one at a time. © Barry Goldberg / Quora
  • It’s funny when there’s a surveillance team inside of a car with untinted windows. The entire team is wearing the equipment, and nobody sees them. © Sandalinaiznanku / Pikabu
  • Almost every time we see someone driving, they drive with the windows open. And when the character leaves the car, they don’t actually put the windows up. © sweetdoggydog / Pikabu
  • What’s the deal with the headrests in cars always being taken out when there is a scene in a car? © shwiss / Reddit
    Reply: They are removed to allow for better visibility of the actors. © totes-muh-gotes / Reddit
  • And I hate it when there are diamonds, gold, and money around but everything starts to explode and go underwater. Come on! Give them 5 minutes to collect a bit for their lives! No, you met a girl and all you have after you’ve saved the world is your love! © Anna Morozova / AdMe
  • The most annoying cliché is that in all the catastrophe movies, men are all cut, in torn and dirty clothes, and the main female character is wearing white, and has perfect skin and hair. © livera / Pikabu
  • Hackers are so smart that they don’t even need the mouse and just a few taps on the keyboard can even hack the technology of aliens! The villain is chasing you!!!!!! Run upstairs, go to the balcony, and jump off! Don’t worry a dumpster will always be there and you are going to land on it no matter what! Trust me. © Abigail Chaga / Quora
  • The main antagonist, instead of shooting the main character starts to tell them about their smart plan in great detail. Why do they do that? © Marusya Mashkina / AdMe
  • Looking for the villain, the hero kills 100 guards. When they finally find the villain, they spare their life because, “If I kill you, I’ll be like you.” © Menosik / Pikabu
  • For several years now, all potential bad guys wear hoods. You can see it right away: if someone is wearing a hood, they’re up to no good. © crasyfrog / Pikabu
  • 300 is a great movie and I hate to trash it, but apparently, there was a whole other thing going on with the Spartans. How about that bottomless pit right in the center of town? I mean, a guard rail, a fence, or maybe one of those red velvet ropes like we see in the lobby of a movie theater. Something. Anything, please! © Dan Birchfield / Quora

  • I am a musician and teacher and it is almost always obvious when someone isn’t actually playing because of the differences in nuance between the motion of their hand and the quality of the sound. But in some cases, it’s like those actors don’t even learn how to look like they are using the correct notes or techniques. © onefingersnap / Reddit

  • Why are all 18-year-old students portrayed by 30-year-old actors? © KirillZorga / Pikabu

  • Something really insane is happening around them: earthquakes, buildings falling apart, but the main characters have to just stop and start talking about their relationships, who cheated on who, who their brother, lover, father, mother is, and stuff like that. © Tosha / AdMe

  • When a person is on the phone and you’re only hearing their side of the conversation. The actor rarely pauses long enough that the other side could have possibly said more than 2 or 3 words, even if they were talking at lightning speed. Even so, you’re supposed to believe the character somehow got filled in on the last hour of the plot. This is not really noticeable unless you’re looking for it, but once you notice, you see it everywhere. © NotSoTinyUrl / Reddit
  • Everybody has a trained dog. Nobody’s dog hops on the bed, runs out the door if you aren’t careful when you open it, doesn’t come when you call them, and doesn’t have accidents inside of the house. Basically everyone in films and television has a cute, well-behaved, and trained animal, who only causes minor and manageable problems. © Jon Mixon / Quora
  • Teeth! Impossible white, beautiful teeth in someone from the past — like a someone who doesn’t have a home, and whose life is full of fighting for survival. © EnJoy4a / Pikabu
  • There’s a guy wearing a suit with pants and a tucked-in shirt, running after a villain and the shirt looks great no matter what. Why, when I sit calmly at my desk for 20 minutes, my shirt untucks itself? © skipper09 / Pikabu
  • I don’t like it that men are always perfectly and cleanly shaved. Even when they chase monsters in different galaxies, they never have any facial hair in any close-ups. My wife hates it when I comment on that — I do it far too often for her to handle. © newzevs / Pikabu
  • Let’s all pile into a single vehicle and go to a really remote location. The ghost slowly reveals its presence by making noises, moving objects, etc. The local library has the exact book on the occult that you need to solve the problem. © Jon Mixon / Quora
  • If a zombie bites a supporting character, they turn almost instantly and if the main character is bitten, they can run around looking for a cure for the entire film. And the antidote, just like the virus itself, is in a fragile glass flask that is super easy to break. © Ricardo.Diaz / Pikabu
  • You spent the last hours of your life fighting a psycho and managed to punch the person. You run away toward freedom and stumble around 50 times. Ok, though, you’re just a little clumsy, right? Anyway, when there’s only 30 cm separating you from salvation, the psycho shows up to attack you once again. Because killers obviously run faster than Olympic athletes. © Rafael Ottati / Quora
  • I really don’t like the classic scene in horror films when the main character has a candle or a flashlight and goes to the basement or the attic that hasn’t been visited for like 70 years “to check” what the weird noise is. © Formula Vody / AdMe
  • Cellphones never work in an emergency. Somehow they are lost, dead, out of the coverage area, stolen, etc. It’s cheap storytelling. I am always amused at how creative moviemakers become in order to destroy the cell phone plot-hole. © Zipho Tefu / Quora

  • Grey skin/black-eyed naked aliens: seriously, I’m done, enough of the same cliché with different sizes, I get it, you want them to look scary, you want them to look mysterious. Just stop, using, the same, pattern, over, and over, again... © Ghassan Al Mousa / Quora

  • “I have to tell you something important. It will influence your fate and the fate of humanity. I don’t want to wait for another minute and I’m just gonna tell you right now. Like, seriously, right now.” And then a brick wall falls on him / a flying train runs into them / a radioactive shark eats them. And the character is like, “Nooooooooo!” © Julia Piluliya / AdMe
  • Bombs set to explode will always have a visual display, counting down the seconds until detonation. If it’s a character’s first day going to school/new job, you know they’ll have a terrible first experience. Thunder and lightning always strike at exactly the same moment in movies. (Short explanation: They rehearse before the storm). © Gabren Williams / Quora
  • Basically any time they try to show doctors, particularly in a hospital setting. If you have been working for any amount of time, particularly during a long call shift, you are going to look terrible. Greasy, hair messed, exhausted, little to no makeup for women. No one looks like a model or is completely coherent after that amount of time. Even brand new hospitals quickly get cluttered and do not look like Ikea showrooms. CPR almost never brings someone back to life. I could go on. © Canuck_16 / Reddit

  • Turn on your TV. How many times have we heard that line? They never say the channel, yet the channel that comes on immediately is exactly the correct channel that needs to be seen. Not only that, but the implication is that the one person has just watched the news, meaning the broadcast should be mostly over, or at the very least, in progress. However, almost every single time, the TV is turned on at the exact beginning of the pertinent news broadcast. © Kirk Wilson / Quora
  • I hate it when you watch a film and like it and someone tells you, “Oh, it’s a stupid film, what can you possibly like about it?” Come on, people... © lerahalera / AdMe

What unrealistic movie clichés do you hate? Tell us in the comment section below!

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