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We Figured Out How 12 Marvel and DC Superheroes Would Look If They Switched Places

Ah! How can one not sigh when thinking about the superheroes of Marvel and DC! These characters, whose actors seem to have been born for their roles, tend to fill us with serotonin just by watching them in every movie they appear in. But would it be the same if these men played a different superhero? Well, it seems that maybe it would be...

At Bright Side, we did an experiment to see how some Marvel and DC superheroes would look if they exchanged roles, and here we show you the outcome.

1. Henry Cavill as Iron Man

2. Robert Downey Jr. as Superman

3. Chris Evans as Barry Allen, “The Flash”

4. Ezra Miller as Captain America

5. Mark Ruffalo as Steve Trevor

6. Chris Pine as Hulk

7. Jason Momoa as Thor

8. Chris Hemsworth as Aquaman

9. Zachary Levi as Star-Lord

10. Chris Pratt as Shazam

11. Ryan Reynolds as Doctor Strange

12. Benedict Cumberbatch as Green Lantern

Bonus: How Groot & Rocket would look if they swapped heads.

Which other memorable characters would you like to see switch faces?