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10 Celebrity Wedding Dresses That Are Hiding Little Secrets We Had No Idea About

Wedding dresses are special by definition because we wear them on a very special day. Some bridal gowns, however, have an even deeper meaning for the ladies wearing them. Many brides, including celebrities, want their dresses to bring them good luck and happiness, and they try to include some little sentimental details in their wedding outfits, or just make them differ from other gowns in a special way.

We at Bright Side selected 10 iconic dresses of famous brides that have some special meaning or hide little secrets you may have never heard of before.

Pippa Middleton wore a dress that showed her skin, but not too much.

Pippa Middleton’s dress had a high neck and looked pretty conservative in the front, but the back of it was a bit revealing. A keyhole cut at the back showed a little bit of Pippa’s skin, which spiced up an otherwise modest bridal look. Pippa’s dress was long and high at the front, so showing a bit of her back was just about right and suited the occasion.

The wedding gown of Priyanka Chopra paid a sentimental tribute to her husband and parents.

During her wedding to Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra wore several dresses. For the western wedding ceremony, she donned a hand-beaded wedding dress with intricate details by Ralph Lauren. Priyanka wanted her dress to honor sentimental moments and meaningful people of her life, so the designers hand-stitched Nick’s full name, the names of the bride’s parents, and the wedding date on the dress. Priyanka also added a piece of the lace from her mother-in-law’s dress to her own gown.

The wedding dress of Princess Eugenie sent a message of support.

At the age of 12, Princess Eugenie underwent surgery that corrected her scoliosis. The scar remained, and on her wedding day, Eugenie didn’t want to hide it. Instead, she asked designers to make a dress with a low back that showcased her scar. “For me, it’s a way of communicating with people who are going through either similar situations with scoliosis or having a scar of their own they are trying to deal with,” said the princess.

Ellie Goulding had her own initials and those of her future husband’s embroidered on her dress.

On the day of her wedding, Ellie Goulding donned a long-sleeved hand-embroidered dress with a high collar. The organza collar and the silk tulle veil had the bride and groom’s initials embroidered on them. This fine handwork took designers 591 hours.

Hilary Duff opted for embroidered initials on her dress too.

Hilary Duff is another bride who liked the idea of having her husband’s and her own initials commemorated on her wedding dress. The dress, which was designed by Jenny Packham, looked quite modern thanks to saddle-shaped voluminous shoulder pads and long sleeves that touched the floor.

The wedding outfit of Princess Diana was meant to bring her good luck.

Following an old tradition, on her wedding day, Diana wore something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. “Something old” was a piece of antique lace from Queen Mary, “something new” was the dress itself, “something borrowed” was the Spencer tiara Diana was wearing on her head, and a bow sewn in the dress bodice played the role of “something blue.”

There was also a hidden charm that was supposed to bring the bride good luck: a golden horseshoe decorated with diamonds.

The train of Queen Elizabeth II’s dress was symbolic.

The wedding of Princess Elizabeth (the future Queen Elizabeth II) and Philip Mountbatten, Duke of Edinburgh, took place right after World War II. The fan-shaped 13-foot long train embroidered with flowers symbolized rebirth and growth after the war. It is believed that this design was inspired by Botticelli’s painting, Primavera.

The wedding dress of Kate Moss showed affection for her favorite designer.

The vintage-style dress Kate Moss donned on her wedding day was designed by John Galliano. Kate chose John as her bridal gown designer after numerous times of her wearing his creations on catwalks throughout her modeling career. Kate explained her choice, saying, “I’ve lived in his dresses for years, and they just make me feel so comfortable.”

Queen Victoria was one of the first women to wear a white wedding dress.

Queen Victoria is often credited for starting the tradition of donning white dresses for weddings. Even though she was not the first royal who married in white, her choice influenced bridal fashion. Following in the footsteps of the queen, many fashionable and wealthy brides switched to the white color when designing their bridal gowns.

Grace Kelly set a bridal fashion trend that is still loved today.

We’ll never learn if it’s true or not, but it looks like Grace Kelly’s wedding dress has some magical powers. The dress with a fitted lace bodice and a tulip-shaped skirt that the future Princess of Monaco donned on her special day enchanted so many brides around the globe that it still remains one of the most famous and most recreated wedding dresses in the world.

It looks like some celebrity brides also got inspired by Grace Kelly’s bridal outfit. In the pictures below, you can see the vibes of this design in the dresses worn by Kate Middleton and Nicky Hilton at their wedding ceremonies.

Which of these wedding dresses do you like the most, and why? What gown did you wear on your own wedding day?

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