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12 People Who Started a New Chapter Later in Their Life and Are Doing a Great Job

Sometimes, even though we can’t see how, we need to make room for a change that’s coming. That change may take the form of a new career path, starting our own business, or leaving something that no longer serves us. Here’s a list of 12 inspiring people who’ve welcome their new path with open arms, even later in life.

1. “A later-in-life transition”

2. “Didn’t pass college till my 20s, Uni till my 30s, and now my masters in my 40s.”

3. “I was finally comfortable enough with myself and lucky enough to go on my first ever date at 31 years old.”

“And I was even luckier to get asked on a second!”

4. “My grandmother, 77, graduated with her Ph.D. and is the university’s oldest graduate.”

5. “Started college in 2007 and got this bad boy in the mail yesterday. Never give up, never surrender!”

6. “For the past 15 years I’ve been struggling with depression and PTSD, but I will never give up. I just published my first children’s book!”

7. “57 years old, 10 months of HRT”

8. “My daughter (23) and I (43) at our college graduation. It’s never too late to go back to school.”

9. “If you’re alive, it’s never too late.”

10. “I’m 65 and just graduated college.”

11. “I used to be the person on the left until I became the woman on the right. I didn’t start HRT until I was 38 years old.”

12. “I am 74 years young and had this done to my hair today.”

“In my profession, I had to be conservative and never could have had anything like this.”

What is your greatest accomplishment? What do you wish you had done earlier?

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