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14 Celebrities Who Are the Definition of Aging Gracefully

There are faces that we recognize immediately, no matter what the situation is, because we’ve seen them so many times in movies and on TV shows. Of course, we’re talking about celebrities. And some of them have this particular skill of not aging at all, as if they have truly found the fountain of youth. But the celebrities that do age usually do it in such a graceful way that they look even better than when they were younger. It’s as if being in their 50s just suits them perfectly.

And because we were wondering how they manage to look so great, even when they become older, Bright Side decided to make a compilation of celebs that are rocking the aging process. After all, no matter how you age, you should accept your body as it is. Maybe that’s their secret!

1. Jennifer Lopez

2. John Stamos

3. Elijah Wood

4. Sandra Bullock

5. Salma Hayek

6. Antonio Banderas

7. Gwyneth Paltrow

8. Paul Rudd

9. Julia Roberts

10. Lucy Liu

11. Tom Cruise

12. Rob Lowe

13. Jennifer Aniston

14. Sofia Vergara

What aspects of your life have improved in recent years? What do you want to improve yourself in the near future? Do you think aging should be lived as a drama or is it something that should happen naturally?

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