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15 Celebrities Who Drastically Changed Their Image Over the Years

For some of us, a change of image might be a huge step and we might need a lot of time to get ready for this. Our today’s heroes are celebrities who aren’t afraid to experiment with their looks. Sometimes they change a thing or two and look differently, but sometimes they decide to change almost everything in their looks and the results are just mesmerizing for us.

We at Bright Side are very intrigued by these 15 transformations (spoiler alert: seems like some of them already have access to a time machine).

1. Kelly Osbourne (2003 vs 2021)

2. Chrissy Teigen (approximately 2000 vs 2021)

3. Madonna (2008 vs 2022)

4. Céline Dion (1988 vs 2019)

5. Victoria Beckham (2013 vs 2022)

6. Hailey Rhode Baldwin Bieber (2010 vs 2021)

7. Anya Taylor-Joy (2016 vs 2021)

8. Zendaya (2010 vs 2021)

9. Katy Perry (2008 vs 2021)

10. Eva Longoria (2003 vs 2021)

11. Britney Spears (1999 vs 2019)

12. Mayim Bialik (1992 vs 2021)

13. Rebel Wilson (2002 vs 2021)

14. Megan Fox (2007 vs 2021)

15. Kristen Stewart (2002 vs 2021)

Which “before” photo surprised you the most? How has your appearance changed in the past 10 years? If you could change one thing about the way you look, what would it be?

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