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15 Celebrity Duos That Are the Exact Same Age, and It’s Hard to Believe

It’s a common feeling to look at celebrities who are our peers and not believe that we are the same age as them. Usually, the reason for this is that ordinary people don’t have the privilege of having a team of stylists, so celebrities end up looking a lot different than us. But celebrities of the same age can also look way different from each other.

Bright Side prepared side-by-side photos of 15 celebrity pairs to compare the way they are rocking the same age.

1. Brad Pitt and Dean Norris were both born in 1963.

2. Nicole Kidman and Matt LeBlanc are 54.

3. Lizzo and Vanessa Hudgens were both born in 1988.

4. The Weeknd and Thomas Brodie-Sangster are both 31.

5. Lucy Liu and Will Smith are 53.

6. Ken Jeong and Paul Rudd are 52.

7. Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Halle Berry are both 55.

8. Uma Thurman and Queen Latifah are 51.

9. Misha Collins and Victoria Beckham are both 47.

11. Kanye West and Sarah Michelle Gellar are both 44.

12. James Corden and Rachel McAdams are 43.

14. Meghan Markle and Elijah Wood are both 40.

15. Angelina Jolie and DJ Khaled are both 46.

Do you compare yourself to your peers? Do you think accomplishments or looks are more important when measuring the success of people who are the same age?

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