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15 Hilariously Strange Things Everyone Does but No One Talks About

Every once in a while, we do something that we think is both bizarre or funny, but we’re not always open to showing that unique side to others. But if we do share these small quirks, we might realize that we’re all more alike than we think, even in small, silly ways.

That’s why we at Bright Side wanted to share a few of the most common things we all do but keep hidden.

1. Pretending to read the birthday card while trying to count the money

2. Seeing an excessive price on something at a store and acting as if you’re still thinking about buying it

3. When you take out your phone to check the time, you get so caught up in it that you forget what time it is:

4. Revealing your inner Rihanna in traffic only to find out another driver is watching you

5. Lifting the shower curtain to ensure that no one is hiding behind it

6. Having full-fledged discussions with yourself in your head

7. Checking an email right after you send it even though you already checked it many times

8. Hitting the elevator buttons 50 times

9. Being shocked when you see yourself in the front-facing camera of your phone

10. “Password is incorrect, error.”

11. Once you finally have enough battery power, you flip across to the other side.

12. When you lower the music on your car stereo so you can see better:

13. When you look up the lyrics on the internet and find you’ve been singing nonsense for the last 6 months:

14. Checking the fridge whenever you don’t know what to do

15. When you’re okay with paying $170 for the items in your cart, but $10 shipping makes you question yourself again:

Have you ever been in a funny or strange scenario that you’d like to share with the rest of the world? Which of these pictures seemed the most relatable?

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