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15+ Men Who Ditched the Scissors and Now They Look Flawless

Long hair in men is one of those hairstyles that never go out of fashion. In fact, long male hair in Ancient Greece symbolized power and wealth. Maintaining shiny, healthy hair has undoubtedly taken men a lot of time and energy throughout history. However, the result was worth the effort.

We at Bright Side have been eyeing these stunning long-haired gentlemen for quite some time and would like to share their photos with anyone who has an eye for beauty and aesthetics.

1. Jake Gyllenhaal’s hair took about six months and too much commitment to grow.

2. “Fierce yet? Just over a year’s growth from having very short hair, never looking back.”

3. “Definitely a fierce day for me.”

4. “Went blue!”

5. “Sharing the curls I got from a quick bun I did.”

6. “Straight or curly... it’s nice to have options.”

7. “Bit over 2 years”

8. Long hair and snow

9. “Wow, Rapunzel ain’t got nothin’ on you.”

10. “Keep it flowin’.”

11. Shia LaBeouf just went from one extreme to the other.

12. “I love blending the feminine and masculine aspects of myself.”

13. “Celebrating 5 years of flow”

14. “Got a new haircut a little while ago.”

15. “Hair journey. The left was 10 years ago and on the right is just today.”

16. Harry Styles grew his hair long to donate it to a charity.

17. “15 years and 8 months for my locks.”

What hairstyles suit men with long hair the best? Do you have any hair tips to share with the long-haired gentlemen?

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