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15 Men Who Rock a Mane of Long Hair and Look Awesome

These past few decades have been all about defying gender stereotypes. Long hair may be traditionally labeled as a hairstyle for women, but nowadays, a lot more men are letting their hair grow out. And as a result, their faces change drastically compared to what they look like with short hair.

Bright Side is here to prove that long hair can look amazing on men as well. Just look at these wonderful transformations for yourself.

1. “All men have long hair. Some of us choose to celebrate it.”

2. “Mane update”

3. “1-year growth so far”

4. “It’s the longest my hair’s been.”

5. “Longer hair has given me much more self-confidence.”

6. “Been workin’ on this flow since the start of college.”

7. “Short long hair, or long long hair?”

8. “Some people were interested in seeing a before and after pic of me with short hair and long hair. Here ya go! Grow your locks out!”

9. “Reinventing myself has been fun!”

10. “The left is about 1 month after my final chemo session. Haven’t had a haircut since early June 2019!”

11. “3 years of progress”

12. “Almost exactly 3 years with a few trims along the way”

Some of our favorite celebrities let their hair grow as well! Check out how great they look.

13. Keanu Reeves

14. Jared Leto

15. Dev Patel

Do you wear your hair short or long? Do you find it hard to take care of long hair?

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