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15+ Outfits Princess Charlotte Wears That Prove She’s a Little Style Icon

6-year-old Princess Charlotte is often called a little style icon. When Kate Middleton’s daughter appears in public in a certain outfit, it becomes sold out in a day. And when Charlotte was just 9 months old, a lipstick shade was named after her.

At Bright Side, we decided to find out what the secret to the princess’s style is.

For the first time, the public saw Princess Charlotte on the steps of the hospital where she was born on May 2, 2015. Even then, the mother and daughter wore matching colored clothes. Kate was wearing a white and yellow dress with floral print, while Charlotte was wearing a pale yellow cap and was wrapped in a white blanket.

Kate chooses clothes in traditional styles for her children, and she is a big fan of classic designs. For royal outings, Charlotte wears high-waisted dresses with puffy sleeves and lace collars or Peter Pan round collars. In the photo below, the mother and daughter duo was dressed in pink.

Here, Charlotte has a similar dress, but this time, in blue. This is a mass-market model by Little Alice London. By the way, the shoes match the dress tanks to their blue hue.

Kate likes to dress her daughter in knitted items — just look at this maroon jacket!

On Charlotte’s second birthday, the family shared her photo online where she was dressed in a yellow cardigan, which conveyed the spring mood quite well.

When seeing sheep on the princess’s cardigan, we can’t help but remember the iconic sweater her grandmother, Lady Di, wore that even appeared in The Crown TV series. And if you didn’t already know, the girl’s full name is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

In summer, the little princess wears sleeveless dresses and sunglasses and can run barefoot.

The little princess’s look always matches her mother’s looks. On the left, the mother and daughter were wearing purple. On the right, 4-year-old Charlotte dressed in a double-breasted coat. Even though Kate Middleton is wearing a gray coat, her hat, bag, and shoes are green, which match her daughter’s coat.

Despite her young age, Charlotte has been a flower girl at 3 different weddings. At Pippa Middleton’s wedding, the girl was dressed in a cute dress with a pink bow that matched Kate’s outfit.

Different accessories make bridesmaids’ dresses more interesting. At Princess Eugenie’s royal wedding, Charlotte had a green belt and a headpiece made of leaves. And at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, she donned an elegant floral wreath.

This picture is from Charlotte’s fourth birthday. She is not wearing children’s sandals anymore but nice sneakers. It’s also worth noting that she doesn’t have any jewelry on, but even her hair clip is functional to make her hair look neat.

On her first day of nursery school (children start attending at 5 years old in Britain), Charlotte wasn’t wearing a hat like many other royal family members. But the color of her bow always matched the other pieces of her outfit.

At school, the girl wears a uniform just like her classmates and her brother, Prince George.

Before, the waist of her dresses used to be high, but now they’re on a natural level. Here, you can see the classic Peter Pan collar.

On Charlotte’s fifth birthday, Kensington Palace released new photos of the girl in a Zara dress with a wide collar. Of course, this dress was immediately sold out from stores.

In this photo, Charlotte and her parents are delivering homemade pasta to elderly and vulnerable people. This way, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge teach their children to be charitable.

This type of print is called “houndstooth.” Kate loves this print. Princess Diana used to wear it as well.

You won’t see the princess wearing pants or shorts at official events. But it’s a suitable outfit for family gatherings in the countryside.

Leggings, high boots, and a sweater — comfortable and practical!

On her sixth birthday, Charlotte showed up wearing a floral dress that can be assumed to be the little princess’s personal style. This outfit was praised by British media and royal family fans. The girl said that she was 16, not 6. “I’m 6 now, I’ll do what I want,” she said to her father, melting everyone’s hearts.

This was also the first time the birthday girl appeared in public with her hair loose.

Also, Charlotte is often compared to her famous great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Do you think Princess Charlotte looks like the Queen? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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