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18 Grandparents Who Are Even More Wholesome Than a Newborn Baby

The older people get, the more relaxed they become, and they can appear to have a childlike mentality. For example, they like to go out and have fun and talk about how their day went. They will tell their grandkids stories that they’ve probably never heard before. They teach us that it’s never too late to travel the world and have all sorts of amazing things to tell us, which is part of the reason why we love them so much.

1. “This is how my grandma cuts onions.”

2. “At 62 years old, I decided to get over my ’I don’t like cats’ phase. Here is the result so far.”

3. “I ordered a Wonder Woman costume online. It was a little big for me when it arrived and my grandmother said she wanted to try it on. This is the fabulous result.”

4. “I found this cat today in the woods.”

5. “Grandpa is ready for Halloween.”

6. “My dad (75 years old) won his age category in the Pgh 10 miler today.”

7. “Our 80-year-old friend is visiting our 75-year-old neighbor. Now they’re planking.”

8. “After my 100-year-old nan went viral, she said, ’Wait till I get my haircut and lie in the flowers.’”

9. “My badass 100-year-old grandma”

10. “Babysitting level: master.”

11. “This photo on my grandpa’s phone of him vibing with the cat”

12. “My 94-year-old grandpa showing us his ice cream tub collection”

13. “My nan and me, making bread”

14. “Me with my lovely dad who is 86 years old”

15. “4 generations — my son finally met his great-grandpa. It was an emotional day.”

16. Shaved their heads to look like grandpa.

17. “Our daughter and her hubby bought a cap for their baby to match his grandfather’s.”

18. “My son (7 mo) and his great-great-grandma (97).”

Do you still have your grandparents around, and what’s the most entertaining or sweet memory you have of them?

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