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18 Adults Who Fulfilled Their Childhood Dreams and Made Their Inner Child Glow With Happiness

Most of the time, childhood experiences or memories determine adulthood. The tastes that we have as grownups are forged from an early age, and that is when we become fanatical about different kinds of things. We dream that when we are adults, we will buy everything that our parents could not give us at the time. Sometimes we even look for our little piggy bank to save money and make our dreamed-about object a reality.

At Bright Side, we have 18 photos of people who went public with their childhood dreams, proving that it’s never too late to make them come true.

1. “Caved and finally got my childhood dream car!”

2. “Childhood dream accomplished at 21. Hard work pays off.”

3. “I decided to fight my depression and conquer a childhood dream... learn how to skateboard!”

4. “Finally got my childhood dream guitar!!”

5. “Fulfilling a childhood dream by staying at the Dolphin after defending my thesis this past week and earning my PhD.”

6. “Spent the weekend picking dandelions and selling goats. Simple living is giving my daughter the childhood I dreamed of.”

7. “My childhood dreams have come true.”

8. “My inner child picked the fabric and I love it! Peplum sets and apple body shapes are a match made in heaven”

9. “As a kid I spent my entire allowance on earrings but forgot them in the park. Today my husband surprised me with this identical set!”

10. “My childhood dream come true”

11. “Creamed Tuna and Peas. When I was a kid my mom served it over buttered toast. But I always just wanted a bowl of it. No toast.”

12. “This bike is remarkably close to something I would have wanted when I was a kid. Don’t let your dreams be dreams.”

13. “My inner child is very tempted to start opening boxes with ‘collectible’ Barbie that I wasn’t allowed to play with as a kid.”

14. “This is my kitten — Leo! It’s been my childhood dream to get a pup and a kitty, and I finally completed it!”

15. “Childhood dream come true! Happy birthday to me!”

16. “One year ago, I started to pursue my childhood dream of becoming a professional artist.”

17. “It’s not much but it’s my childhood dream coming true.”

18. “Last month I finished my 3-year childhood dream armies project. I’m very happy to finally be able to show them off altogether.”

Do you consider yourself one of those people who always brings out their inner child or one of those who prefers to focus on the present stage of life without looking back? Why?

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