18 Celebrities That Definitely Know the Recipe for the Elixir of Life

Some celebrities seem to have won the genetic lottery. However, some stars have to visit beauty experts regularly to try and postpone aging, while others know the secret of eternal youth, believing that they’ll be able to slow down time. For example, Jason Statham hasn’t changed much since the mid-2000s, and Jessica Simpson looks even more attractive than she used to.

We at Bright Side love looking at stars that only get better with age, so we’ve made this article so you can take a look too.

Amy Adams at age 31 and 44

Elizabeth Hurley at age 38 and 54

Paul Rudd at age 34 and 50

Lucy Liu at age 34 and 50

Jaclyn Smith at age 48 and 73

Alicia Silverstone at age 19 and 43

Jason Statham at age 40 and 52

Winona Ryder at age 29 and 48

Victoria Beckham at age 29 and 44

Paris Hilton at age 16 and 39

Jensen Ackles at age 27 and 41

Michelle Rodriguez at age 27 and 41

Jennifer Garner at age 32 and 48

Jessica Simpson at age 24 and 39

Alicia Keys at age 23 and 38

Jessica Chastain at age 27 and 42

Gwen Stefani at age 36 and 51

Alyson Hannigan at age 28 and 45

Do you have any favorite celebrities that still look as great as they did 20 years ago?

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