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18 People Who Showed Us the True Beauty of Genetics

It’s expected that we look somewhat like our family members, but it really seems to be true that some folks are almost identical to each other. From their smile to the way they hold themselves, some people prove just how wonderful genetics can be. There is something special about looking at how a smile is carried down through generations, from grandparent to baby.

At Bright Side, we really couldn’t take our eyes off of these captivating relatives and we thought you would be equally spellbound by them.

1. “My father with me (1988) vs Me and my daughter (2021)”

2. “My mom & I, 30 years apart”

3. Father vs Son

4. “It’s my grandma’s 79th birthday today. Here she is in 1949 vs Me in 2015”

5. “Left: My father in the ’80s, Right: Me in 2010”

6. “My dad — My son”

7. “My dad and I. Everyone says we look exactly alike now.”

8. “My grandma at 16 in 1946 and my daughter at 7”

9. “My grandma’s Lebanese passport picture from 1955 (left) and me in the present (right)”

10. “Me at 3 months old in the ’80s and my son at the same age in 2022”

11. “Always been told I look like my grandma.”

12. “Me with my dad and me with my first son 39 years apart”

13. “Here’s my mother, my sister, and my niece”

14. “My Grandpa and I”

15. “Me in 1988 vs My daughter in 2021”

16. “My wife with her mom, at 6 months — 1989, my daughter and my wife today”

17. “I fused an old picture of my mom (left) with a picture of myself (right)”

18. “Me (2014) and my grandma (1940s). Genetics don’t lie!”

Who do you look most like? Do you have any pics of when your grandparents were young? Share them with us!

Preview photo credit thisissotandem / Reddit
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