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19 Memorable Outfit Details That Stole the Show on the Red Carpet

Anyone who calls him or herself a true fashionista knows that every single detail of an outfit matters. Especially when it comes to creating an interesting look for an event like the Oscars. Well, in those cases, it’s clearly not enough to just wear bold nail art, a slightly less conventional accessory, or a super exclusive shoe brand. You need something new to give your look more authenticity and personality. For celebrities who are into fashion, managing that special touch is a piece of cake, you’ll see!

Bright Side made a list of 19 celebrities who took fashion to a whole new level when they were walking down the red carpet. Even the smallest of details were taken care of in their outfits and, in the end, it paid off because they all look amazing!

19. Have you noticed how, even when it comes to hairlines, actress Lucy Boynton is always very stylish?

18. Even Cynthia Erivo’s nails are a work of art. In this case, they are inspired by Van Gogh’s painting The Starry Night.

17. Who wouldn’t like to look as stylish as Serena Williams’ pinky? Just that, her pinky, that’s all we ask for. What a powerful ring!

16. Do you remember when it was fashionable to have butterflies in your hair? Saoirse Ronan has taken that style to a whole other level.

15. Ever since Blake Shelton met Gwen Stefani, he has been collecting seashells... and some of them were used when making this beautiful dress. Love is just a beautiful thing!

14. Why wear pendants on your necklace when you can do things like Elle Fanning? The actress gave a real taste of originality to everyone with those amazing nails

13. Billy Porter is always a sight and is living proof that every little detail matters on the red carpet.

12. Combining a purse and shoes is a thing of the past. Jason Momoa created his own fashion trend and combined a handbag and scrunchie instead. And everything looked just amazing with that divine pink suit he was wearing too.

11. Even Yara Shahidi’s eye makeup is full of meaning. The crystals she wore to the Met Gala are a reference to the Aquarius symbol, her astrological sign.

10. Style is in the details and creativity. Do you want your bag to look cooler and super colorful? Do like Lilly Singh and put colorful candy in it!

9. From a distance, it looks like a simple safety pin. However, when you look up close, you can see that the pin has the initials C and D, from Christian Dior. Elegant, isn’t it?

8. Lizzo can put together amazing looks like no one else! After all, it’s not enough to wear a chocolate-inspired outfit: nails and a purse must also come into play.

7. You may be asking yourself: who notices the little stones between celebs’ fingers? Anyone who is focused on details like Gemma Chan is will notice.

6. Kristen Stewart shows us how we can wear eyebrows that go beyond the meaning of the word creative.

5. For those of us who appreciate the little details, every stone counts. And that’s exactly the case with Janelle Monáe’s dress. There were more than 168,000 crystals on hers.

4. Zendaya is such a beautiful princess that she wouldn’t even need to wear a carriage bag for us to know that. But this detail was nice, don’t you think?

3. Even Lady Gaga’s eyelashes convey the idea of an aristocratic kind of wealth (and no wonder, they are all made of gold foil)

2. Anyone who can pull off extravagant looks like Katy Perry knows that you need to be committed to style from head to toe.

1. Did you notice that Billie Eilish’s nail art matched the rest of her outfit? This super fashionable detail is amazing!

Which of these looks is the most creative in your opinion? Do you also tend to pay attention to details when putting together a new outfit? Let us know in the comments!

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