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20 Babies That Look Like They Discovered Reverse Time Travel

For all of a babies’ cuteness, there is no doubt that sometimes they can surprise us with their looks. Even though it’s only temporary, there are little folks who look like they are part of the senior citizen community. The only thing we can do just enjoy this period and have a good laugh about it while it lasts.

Parents shared images of their babies who look like old people and we at Bright Side weren’t able to resist not sharing them with all of you.

1. “He looks like an accountant.”

2. He looks like an ancient baby

3. 7 lbs 11oz, and 81 years old

4. 600 months old

5. He already shows that he doesn’t like car seats.

6. “Are you talking to me?”

7. Not very happy about starting life backward.

8. He looks like he’s plotting something bad...

9. “I don’t know what he’s mad about...”

10. He is not amused.

11. “My 2-week-old looking like he is a mini-me.”

12. “This is my boy when he was a week old.”

13. “I lost my pacifier!”

14. “This 71-year-old grandpa thinks your dinner smells horrible.”

15. “Caught my son looking like he’s been working the night shift for 25 years...”

16. “My twins looking like an old married couple.”

17. “My brother-in-law used to look like a travel-sized Soprano.”

18. “Me, 75 years ago.”

19. “My son is really an old man stuck in a body where he can’t quite yell at rapscallions to get off his yard yet.”

20. “Who’s in charge here? I need to speak to the manager.”

Which baby do you think looks like a grandpa (or grandma) the most? Do you or did you know a baby that looked older than they were?

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