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20 Celebrities Who Are Totally Okay With Wearing Cheap Clothes in Public

We’re used to thinking that celebrities’ wardrobes consist only of designer brands. But the world keeps changing and today you can see more and more supporters of sensible consumption in Hollywood. Many famous actors and singers abandon luxury brands in favor of more democratic ones.

We at Bright Side admire good taste and sense when it comes to celebs, who despite multimillion honorarium, gladly wear inexpensive clothes and look gorgeous. Winona Ryder went the furthest and proved that you can make a stunning look for the Oscars with only $10 in your pocket (which you’ll read more about in our bonus).

Irina Shayk

On the left: H&M top, $129 and H&M skirt, $59.99; on the right: Love Republic dress, $29

Selena Gomez

On the left: Zara dress, $50; on the right: Victoria’s Secret slip dress, $42

Eva Longoria

Zara dress, $99

Hailey Rhode Bieber

On the left: Zara jumpsuit, $50; on the right: Urban Outfitters cardigan, $59

Meghan Markle

On the left: ASOS dress, $47; on the right: H&M dress, $31

Stella Maxwell

Pretty Little Thing dress, $54.50

Ashley Graham

On the left: Pretty Little Thing dress, $27; on the right: Meshki skirt, $38 and Meshki crop top, $38

Gigi Hadid

In the above photo: H&M pants, $30; in the bottom photo: H&M puffer coat, $60

Nicole Richie

H&M dress, $40

Queen Letizia of Spain

In the top photo: Zara dress, $86; in the bottom photo: Zara top, $27 and Zara pants, $19.99

Sienna Miller

On the left: H&M dress, $36.99; on the right: Zara dress, $66.50

Emma Roberts

On the left: ASOS corduroy dress, $25; on the right: H&M suit, $110

Michelle Williams

H&M top, $20 and H&M skirt, $30

Jennifer Lopez

On the left: ASOS dress, $55; on the right: Meshki dress, $111

Alessandra Ambrosio

Forever 21 top, $25

Taylor Swift

On the left: ASOS coat, $59; on the right: H&M blouse, $22 and H&M skirt, $18.45

Jessica Alba

On the left: Topshop skirt, $76; on the right: Topshop duster, $130

Kaia Jordan Gerber

Mango blazer, $130

Blake Lively

On the left: Forever 21 dress, $13; on the right: Topshop dress, $30

Katie Holmes

Zara dress, $69.99

Bonus: Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder is one of the biggest supporters of sensible consumption in Hollywood. The actress has mentioned several times that a large part of her wardrobe consists of vintage clothes. A couple of years ago, she surprisingly told everyone that she was wearing a $10 dress at the Oscars. It didn’t take much time for fans to figure out which ceremony she was talking about.

What good-looking, budget-friendly outfits do you have? What’s the price of the least expensive thing in your wardrobe?