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20 LOL-able Situations Proving That Our World Wasn’t Made for Tall People

The average adult height around the globe is about 5’6″ for males and 5’2″ for females. And it seems that the whole world was built on the basis of these numbers. Here and there tall people have to deal with a lot of tiny troubles and inconveniences that make their life a little bit tough. Let’s take a peek at what they have to go through every day.

Some members of Bright Side have been in the same situations and felt this too. But let’s forget about all the unfairness and have a good laugh together.

20. “There’ll be magnificent views, they said.”

19. “Welcome to everyday of my life everywhere.”

18. It looks like a toy plane with a real man inside.

17. When at least 3 problems meet: a tall people problem, a tiny bathroom problem, and a crappy design problem.

16. “And then the bus comes to an abrupt and sudden stop.”

15. There is a smart solution for any problem.

14. Because tall people don’t just suffer on planes.

13. “I get honked at often because it is impossible to see traffic lights.”

12. Well, at least there are enough numbers on this.

11. Sometimes it’s hard to find a suitable apartment, let alone clothing.

10. At least you know there is no dust up there.

9. “Me expecting sweet dreams.”

8. “Tall guys: we have the world’s cleanest chests, and the dirtiest heads.”

7. “I ordered this shirt online... And it was a normal length on the model. It is a good thing that crop tops are in style now.”

6. Mirrors help tall people avoid looking at their sleepy puffy eyes in the morning.

5. “Race day photos turned out great!”

4. This hurts to look at.

3. “Hi there, spider!”

2. “Welcome to the world of never sitting properly in a car.”

1. We wonder when the last time was that he enjoyed a bath.

What is your height? Are there any difficulties you have to deal with because of it?

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