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21 People Who Changed Their Image and Met Their New “Me”

People may have the best equipment, gym memberships, or even trainers, but that isn’t always enough to succeed at transforming their body and overall look. It’s only through strong willpower and determination that they can achieve their goals. As they say, “Nothing is impossible,” and these Reddit users have proved this to be true.

We at Bright Side are in appreciation of these people who have transformed themselves and met their new “me.”

1. “I almost can’t believe I’ve come this far. Weight Watchers and intermittent fasting was how I lost it all!”

2. “From age 15 to 25 — I have a jawline now.”

3. The old me at 18 vs the new me at age 28

4. This is a completely new person in just 2 years.

5. Willpower and consistency transformed her in only 18 months.

6. A massive difference in 13 months

7. Is that the same person? Wow!

8. “Exactly 4 years ago vs today”

9. “I don’t even recognize myself sometimes!”

10. “After 3 years, I’m finally in the normal BMI range.”

11. “Exactly 3 years ago today and the same skirt on me today”

12. “The next plan is bodybuilding competing!”

13. 2.5 years apart!

14. Hard work = 5.5 months

15. “Hello, bone structure!”

16. 5 years of sweat and determination

17. Well, looks like an incredible feat.

18. “Sweat + persistence + 2.5 years = new me”

19. “I’m so happy to say I’m maintaining my healthy weight after all this time.”

20. “Just over 6 months apart from my largest until now”

21. Went from 330 pounds to 136 pounds in less than 2 years.

Did you get startled and motivated by any of these transformation stories? What’s your motivation story? We’d be happy to listen to yours.

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