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45+ Celebrities Whose Actual Height Came as a Big Surprise to All of Us

If we had the chance to meet famous actors, musicians, or royals, it’s likely that we’d tell them we had imagined them differently. When looking at our idols on TV and in magazines, we don’t suspect what their real height is. Sometimes world-famous models are actually no taller than 5’9’’, though they seem very tall on the runway and in ads. Additionally, the actors we see on-screen look the same but turn out to be 1 head taller than their celebrity colleagues in real life.

We at Bright Side compared how the celebrities of similar height look, though it always seemed to us that they were supposed to be a bit taller or shorter.

Prince William and Kevin Sorbo: ‎6’3’’ and 6’3½"

Ryan Reynolds and Elon Musk: 6’2’’ and 6’1½"

Colin Firth and Enrique Iglesias: 6’1½’’

Jim Parsons and Prince Harry: 6’1¼’’

Marilyn Manson and Harrison Ford: 6’½" and 6’0″

Bruce Willis and Tom Hanks: 6’0″

Ricky Martin and Jake Gyllenhaal: 5’11¾’’

Andrew Garfield and Owen Wilson: 5’10½’’

Timothée Chalamet and Naomi Campbell: 5’10’’ and 5’9½"

Bill Gates and Sylvester Stallone: 5’9½’’

Justin Bieber and Cindy Crawford: 5’9’’

Robert Downey, Jr. and Cher: 5’8½’’

Mariah Carey and Anne Hathaway: 5’8’’

Mark Zuckerberg and Natalia Oreiro: 5’7½’’ and 5’7¼

Jodie Foster and Billie Eilish: 5’3’’ and 5’3½"

Lady Gaga and Judi Dench: 5’1″

Danny DeVito: 4’10’’

Peter Dinklage: ‎4’4’’

Which celebrity seemed taller or shorter to you when you saw them on the screen for the first time?