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A Boy and a Puppy Who Both Have a Cleft Lip Find Each Other From Over 1,000 Miles Away and Become Friends

A couple of weeks ago, a certain type of a coincidence we usually think is almost impossible, happened. Bentley, a 2-year-old boy with a cleft lip found a friend, a puppy, with exactly the same issue. It seems to be that type of friendship that sneaks up on us on its own, as if it was meant for the 2 of them to meet each other.

In this article, Bright Side wants to tell you the heartwarming story about a boy and a puppy who share one physical defect and one incredible friendship.

Bentley was born with a physical defect, a cleft lip.

Bentley Boyers, a 2-year-old boy, was born with a cleft lip. A cleft lip is a congenital defect that causes an opening or a split in the upper lip. Ashley Boyers, the boy’s mom, shared in one of her interviews that it was not easy from the beginning to deal with the issue. She said, “we had to sit him up and feed him and hold his lip together in order for him to eat.” Today, though, after 2 surgeries, Bentley feels better each day, and the defect is barely visible.

The puppy, coincidently, had the same defect.

A couple of weeks ago, Bentley’s dad, Brandon Boyers, went to an animal shelter to buy 2 chickens. But instead, he found a puppy with a cleft lip, the same defect Bentley has.

Describing the moment, Ashley says, “[Brandon] FaceTimed me. He goes, ’I think this one has a cleft lip,’ and I said, ’Get her! We need her!’” Bentley’s parents wanted to take the puppy home immediately, but the adoption process wouldn’t allow them to take the puppy until 2 days later. The next day, Ashley and Brandon brought Bentley to the shelter. “They instantly loved each other,” the Jackson County Animal Shelter says.

The coincidence was truly magical.

Lydia Sattler, the director of the shelter, believes that it was an amazing coincidence that the boy and the puppy met. She shared, “the fact is that this is something we never see, the puppy came from 1,000 miles away and that Bentley’s dad just happened to be here at that moment, it was just amazing.”

Bentley and Lacey now are the truest of friends.

Ashley says that “it is remarkable to see him share something in common with the puppy. He knows that the dog has the same condition as he does. He understands.”

Bentley is in love with his friend. He named the puppy, and now he and Lacey have a strong friendship. He himself said about his new friend, “My puppy [is] so cute. I cuddle Lacey and give her kisses.”

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