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A Boy Raised Over $100,000 With His Little Koalas and Donated It All to Help Australia

When it comes to making a difference and getting to work to try and save our planet, there is no age limit. And a little boy named Owen is such a good example. When he heard about what was happening in Australia, he decided to help rescue teams to be able to assist more affected animals. The idea little Owen came up with is very sweet, so we thought it was worth covering this story.

Any initiative to help save Australia’s wildlife is welcome, so Bright Side wants to tell you more about what little Owen is doing together with his family to help.

There are no limits when sad news moves a child’s heart.

Owen Colley is 6 years old and he lives in Massachusetts. When he found out what was happening in Australia he was very sad about it. After asking his mother if the animals were injured, he was so saddened by the answer that he went up to his room and, without telling anyone, he drew a kangaroo, a dingo, and a koala in the rain. Drawing was Owen’s way of representing his wish for a storm to stop the fires. His mother asked him if he maybe wanted to help in some way, to which he replied “Of course!” Together, they came up with the cutest idea...

A clay koala to save a real one

Owen and his mom started making little koalas from clay to give out for every donation they received.
His parents then launched a small campaign on social media. The goal was to collect donations that would later be sent to a wildlife rescue organization located in New South Wales, Australia, called Wildlife Rescue South Coast.

The response from people was overwhelming. The family then decided to open an account on GoFundMe, a site that helps people raise funds on a larger scale. The Colleys will send a clay koala for every $50 donation, and they have already delivered over 50 of these small animals. So far, the young boy has raised over $100,000. Needless to say, everyone is invited to make a contribution.

It’s hard work, but for a good cause.

When he was younger, Owen lived with his family in Australia for a while. Although he doesn’t remember much, he is proud of having ties to this country and would like to return there at some point. In any case, it was not difficult for him to come up with the idea of making little clay koalas since he likes Australia so much.

His mother made a sketch for him and he got to work right away. He uses silver-colored clay for the body, and black and white clay for the ears and face. It takes him 3 to 4 minutes to make an animal with all the details. Once finished, Owen’s mom bakes them for 17 minutes.

People have to be patient and wait for their little clay figurine. It helps to bear in mind that the artist behind the koalas is a little 6-year-old boy. Despite that, donations are on the rise because they know it’s worth it. $25 is enough to feed a young kangaroo for a month. Owen’s parents explained that to him, and he’s working harder than ever to make sure he raises as much money as possible. Regardless, the campaign isn’t just about money. It has helped raise awareness about the situation in Australia and its uniquely diverse wildlife.

Australian wildlife is in danger.

Excluding frogs, insects, and bats, nearly a billion animals were affected by the devastating fires in New South Wales and other Australian regions. Millions of them lost their lives, according to the University of Sydney, and the fire wiped out the unique flora and fauna of the area. National parks, bushlands, and forests were reduced to ashes.

Of course, forest fires are nothing new in the country, but with each passing year, the intensity increases due to climate change. Droughts, coupled with excessive heat, result in fierce disasters. The flames become impossible to control, endangering the ecological balance between humans and animals.

Every little action to help improve the situation will not go unnoticed. Everyone can play their part in reversing climate change and its consequences, as Owen and his family are doing.

What do you think about when you hear about these initiatives? What other ideas would you implement to help? Your opinion is important to us, and also to the community as a whole. There more ideas there are, the more we can do.

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