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A Couple Celebrated Their 60th Wedding Anniversary in Their Original Attire

We found out what long-lasting love looks like. Meet the couple, Marvin (89) and Lucille Stone (82), as they celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary in their original wedding outfits. Photographer Katie Autry captured this candid moment as these lovebirds stood together in this cherished photo shoot.

As we’re always inspired by true love here at Bright Side, we’d like to share an example of the purest feeling of love you’ll see today.

Lucille celebrated their marriage in 1960 in a small church in Nebraska.

6 decades later, see how they look!

Here comes Lucille, the blushing bride, in her meticulously perfect hand-sewn dress.

And here comes Marvin in his well-fitted tux!

Lucille took a moment to highlight what marriage is really about.

“By no means have we been perfect in our marriage. We’ve had arguments. We’ve had disagreements. But on the big things, we’re pretty much on the same track.”

Lucille has a couple of lessons to share.

“I guess that I would just encourage people to keep their chin up and use the resources that you have,” advised Lucille, offering up a tip for us. She explained, “Don’t expect to have everything that you might want, focus on the needs along the way.”

Lucille also tells us to keep the faith and a positive attitude. Just look in their eyes and let the heartwarming feeling sink in.

Lucille says her father cried at the wedding and her mother beamed. Her parents considered Marvin perfect!

Even over half a century, their unity and love remain untouched.

They even have advice for those of us who are looking forward to a lifetime of love.

“This may be one of my favorite sessions to date,” said photographer Katie Autry. When she asked Marvin and Lucille about what their secret to a long-lasting union was, they had the following advice:

  1. “Work hard.”
  2. “Be kind to one another.”
  3. “Think before you speak.”
  4. “Rely on each other’s strengths to overcome your weaknesses.”
  5. “Stay strong in your faith.”

How inspiring is this long-lasting love story? Are you living your own? Let us have our hearts warmed by finding many, many love stories in the comments below!

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