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I have no problem with whether you are a parent or choose not to be. What I do object to as saying that it is a solution to an empty nest. Children and grandchildren are our future, parents need to consider their relationships with there partners as important too because we only get to have our children on loan to us for a brief time. This can be hard for some but if you have a good relationship with both your partner and your children their moving out should be seen as a positive thing. They have grown up and you have done your job. Having children or not is definitely a personal choice but don’t do it just because of society saying do it. because it must be right for you because having children it’s certainly an amazing honour to some of us( and yes my kids are grown). However if its not right for you don’t, there are too many children who are not wanted and that is way worse society is getting better at excepting families are different there is not just a nuclear family now a family maybe a man and a dog.
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