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Bethany Hamilton, Who Survived a Shark Attack, Revealed She’s Expecting Baby No. 4

From surviving a shark attack at 13 that left her with one arm to becoming a professional surfer and mother of 3, Bethany’s unwavering spirit and determination have captured people’s hearts worldwide. And now, she has shared the sweetest news of all — she and her husband are expecting their fourth child.

Bethany Hamilton is expanding her family!

Bethany Hamilton, the renowned professional surfer who has inspired the world with her remarkable recovery story after a shark attack left her with one arm at the age of 13, announced on March 14 that she is expecting. In an Instagram video showcasing her family of 5 surfing, Hamilton captioned the post with the heartwarming message, “We’ve got 6 of us on board!” — signaling the joyous news of their growing family.

Bethany Hamilton, who is already a mother to her beloved sons Micah, 2, Wesley, 4, and Tobias, 7, expressed her overwhelming excitement to welcome her fourth child this summer in a heartfelt and extensive caption.

“Adam and I, and our whole fam, are so excited to be growing our family! I believe that life is a gift, and each and every life has value.” After experiencing motherhood for 8 years, Hamilton has come to a profound realization: her children mean more to her than any amount of personal time.

Sharing her heartfelt beliefs, she stated that having a joy-filled family is a form of wealth that is truly valuable. She went on to encourage others to focus on what is right in front of them — the blessing of their family — rather than pursuing materialistic possessions. For those who already recognize this blessing, she hoped they would be reminded to embrace it fully.

In conclusion, Bethany Hamilton expressed her overwhelming joy at the prospect of welcoming her little bundle of joy this summer alongside her husband, Adam. If this is not sweet, what is?

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