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Millie Bobby Brown Is Seen Enamored With Fiancé Jake Bongiovi

Love is in the air! Actress Millie Bobby Brown was seen gushing over her fiancé Jake Bongiovi. While rocking a purple tracksuit, she later attempted a curious disguise to cover up from the paparazzi. If this becomes a trend, we’ll see a lot of celebrities copying her in the future.

Millie Bobby Brown, 19, and Jake Bongiovi, 20, were having a great time together as they headed up to meet their fans. Millie looked stylish in a lavender tracksuit and had her brunette hair swept back into an updo. She also showed off her new engagement ring on her left hand.

It seems that Millie was in a playful mood during her trip, as she was seen putting a box with a face printed on it over her head. Later, according to Daily Mail, she changed into a smart white blazer and skirt ensemble for the meet and greet event.

Millie and Jake have every reason to be happy and excited, as they recently announced their surprise engagement in an Instagram post on April 11, 2023. Their fans are surely looking forward to seeing more updates from the couple as they continue their journey together.

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