10+ Actors Who Reunited After Several Decades Only to Realize They Still Click

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Getting together with old friends is food for the soul. Remembering all those moments we spent together makes us live them again and feel young again. The same happens with some colleagues with whom we lived several adventures. Many celebrities have had the opportunity to reunite with former colleagues and have decided to share those moments with everyone.

1. The cast of E. T., the Extra-Terrestrial

In 1982, the movie E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial was a huge box office hit. It introduced us to Drew Barrymore as a tender and innocent girl who, along with her brother, Elliot (Henry Thomas), fought to try to bring the little alien back home.

In 2022, Drew Barrymore brought the entire cast together on her hit TV show to celebrate the film’s 40th anniversary. She also took the opportunity to tell some anecdotes about the filming, such as how she thought E.T. was real.

2. Harrison Ford and Ke Huy Quan

Harrison Ford established himself as a blockbuster actor with his unforgettable role as the adventurous archaeologist Indiana Jones in 1984. In that production, he shared the stage with Ke Huy Quan. Since then, they had not met publicly until 2022, 38 years later, when they reunited at the Disney Expo.

Ke Huy shared the special moment on his social media with the caption: “I love you, Indy.”

3. Dakota Fanning and Denzel Washington

Little Dakota Fanning was 10 years old when she shared credits with Denzel Washington in the movie Man on Fire in 2004. Now, in 2022, they reunited to work on a new movie: The Equalizer 3.

At the beginning of filming, both took the opportunity to share images of the reunion.

4. Jamie Lee Curtis and Anna Chlumsky

Jamie Lee Curtis played Anna’s mom in the hit movie My Girl. They hadn’t worked together again or met in over 10 years until 2015, when they saw each other again on a red carpet. Luckily, the cameras managed to capture the brief but emotional reunion.

5. Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart

Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart played mother and daughter in the 2002 film Panic Room. 14 years later, at the presentation of Jodie Foster’s Walk of Fame star, Kristen was one of the guests invited to say a few words about the actress’ career. She took the opportunity to tell some of the things she learned from Jodie that served her well in her early career.

6. Adam Sandler and Cole Sprouse

In 1999, Adam Sandler was at the height of his career. That year, he also played a laid-back, immature father who had to deal with fatherhood suddenly and without warning in Big Daddy. Cole Sprouse played his son in that film.

Twenty years later, the two actors reunited emotionally on the red carpet for the movie Uncut Gems. Cole later said that he was touched by Sandler’s simplicity and humility and expressed gratitude for having worked with him.

7. Hailee Steinfeld and Jeff Bridges

Hailee Steinfeld made her feature film debut in the 2010 western True Grit, where she starred with veteran actor Jeff Bridges. Six years later, Jeff and Hailee met on a red carpet and proved that they were still good friends and that the harsh conditions in which they filmed the movie helped forge their friendship.

8. Drew Barrymore and Justin Long

Drew and Justin not only shared credits on the romantic comedy Going the Distance, but they were also a couple for some time. Then, 12 years later, they met again on Drew’s TV show.

This meeting was very emotional for her, who recalled her beautiful moments with him. She concluded the meeting by telling Justin: “I will love you forever.”

9. Bob Saget and Ashley Olsen

Full House was a big hit in 1987. It featured a little girl who Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen played. The production ended in 1995, and the twins decided to leave show business and live a quiet life.

They stayed away from the cameras, and it is rare to see either of them make public appearances. But in 2017, Ashley attended the fundraising event for the scleroderma research fund that the actor chaired, and there they had a brief reunion. Bob Saget passed away in January 2022.

10. Jack Black and Kevin Clark

School of Rock was released in 2003. Jack Black played a substitute teacher who came to a private school to teach kids to appreciate rock and life.

The movie was a hit, but some kids who appeared in the film did not pursue acting careers. Kevin Clark, for example, decided to become a rock musician and now has a band. At one of his concerts, he met actor Jack Black, who recalled the beautiful moments when he “taught” him to appreciate music.

Which of your friends have you lost track of, and would you like to meet again to catch up?


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