10+ Actors Who Shared Fascinating Details About Their Movies

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From time to time, audiences get to hear stories about an ongoing feud between actors on a set or co-stars that don’t get along very well. But thanks to these anecdotes, we see our favorite movies from a different perspective. That’s why we’re bringing to you 12 behind-the-scenes stories told from the mouths of our favorite actors.

1. Jennifer Lawrence would purposely make her breath smell bad before a kissing scene with Liam Hemsworth.

Liam Hemsworth said in an interview that he felt “quite uncomfortable” whenever he had to kiss Jennifer Lawrence during the filming of The Hunger Games. He said that, from the outside, it appears to be a beautiful scene. But immediately before the kissing scene, Lawrence would say that she didn’t brush her teeth even though she had just eaten something awful, like tuna fish or garlic.

2. Kate Winslet peed in the water tank while filming Titanic.

Due to a tight filming schedule, while filming Titanic in a water tank, Kate Winslet admitted that she would occasionally pee in the tank.

3. Alan Rickman wanted a younger cast member to be treated like an equal.

In his new memoir, Beyond the Wand, Tom Felton wrote about his experience with the late Alan Rickman. As the actor narrates, Felton was given a shorter director’s chair than the grown-up actors, so Rickman took it upon himself to get him a chair of equal height as the others. The Snape actor wanted him to be treated the same.

4. Lady Gaga got into character months before the shoot date of A Star Is Born.

The look of Gaga’s character in the movie is incredibly authentic. The singer explained in an interview that she began preparing for the role several months prior to the shoot date in order to get into character. So she could get used to it, she changed her hairstyle and removed her makeup months before filming.

5. Robert Pattinson sweat a little too much in his Batman costume.

TOLGA AKMEN / AFP / East News, © The Batman / Warner Bros. and co-producers

According to actress Zoe Kravitz, she and Robert Pattinson had a scene where they were lying down, and Pattinson would sweat directly on her face. Kravitz tried to think about how it would be an honor for some girls to have Robert Pattinson’s sweat on their faces, but ultimately she still didn’t like the experience.

6. Jennifer Lawrence didn’t need paint for her blue suit.

For the first X-Men movie, Jennifer Lawrence had to endure very long hours of makeup to transform into Mystique. She would have to spend around 7 hours standing or leaning in order to achieve the incredible look.

According to Lawrence, for the more recent films, the production simplified the process by using a body suit. “Turns out they never had to do 8 hours of full-blown body paint ever,” gushed the actress.

7. Arnold Schwarzenegger gave Jamie Lee Curtis the tittle she deserved.

For the movie, True Lies, Jamie Lee Curtis and Arnold Schwarzenegger had to work together as co-stars. Schwarzenegger remembers how she was being called a supporting actress and not credited as the leading actress, which should have been the case.

So, as Curtis revealed in a speech, when the movie was finished, someone called her to let her know that she would be credited properly. This was a surprise for Curtis, but what amazed her the most was that it was done thanks to her co-star.

8. During a press conference for Don’t Look Up, Meryl Streep thought her co-stars were calling her a “goat.”

Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection / East News

As Jonah Hill recalls, Meryl Streep thought her co-stars were calling her a goat, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. Streep felt they were referring to her that way because they were really comfortable with her. But when Lawrence realized the confusion, she explained to Streep that they were actually calling her “The Greatest of All Time.”

9. Dwayne Johnson gave a nice present to a stunt man.

Universal / Courtesy Everett Collection / East News

The Rock remembers one time during the filming of The Scorpion King when they had to shoot an action scene between him and a stuntman. As they were performing, Johnson ended up accidentally hitting the stuntman very hard. “I felt so bad,” said the actor, “so I bought him a Rolex watch, that’s how bad I felt.”

10. For the movie, Philadelphia, Tom Hanks had to eat a certain amount of calories and Denzel Washington would prank him.

While shooting the trial scenes, Hanks had to eat a small number of calories daily, as he had to look sick. So, as they were filming these scenes, Denzel Washington would leave candy bars around and have pizzas delivered to him as a harmless prank.

11. At first, no one recognized Colin Farrell on the set of The Batman.

For the part of The Penguin, Colin Farrell had to endure 4 hours of prosthetic makeup application. After the makeup was done, Farrell went to get a coffee, and no one recognized him. He even said good morning to one of his co-stars; they didn’t know it was him.

12. Tom Holland spilled 2 behind-the-scenes anecdotes from Spider-Man: No way Home.

During the film’s promotion, Tom Holland had 2 cute stories to tell about what happened behind the scenes. The actor recalls when one of his brothers, Harry, was asked to appear in a scene. As Holland remembers, it was a scene with intense stunt work. But when they went and watched the movie, it turned out that Harry’s scene had been cut from the superhero flick.

Zendaya and Tom Holland revealed the second anecdote during a talk show. As the couple remembers, they had to perform stunts, but due to their height difference, Zendaya had to catch Spider-Man. As they were attached together, she would land first on the ground, and Tom had to be held by her in order to land properly.

What’s a harmless prank that you love to play on your loved ones? Which of these films would you have liked to be a part of and why?


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